Saturday, July 21, 2007

Missing You


There are only two mortals that really made me feel their presence when they came back here.
Tee Jin Xiu and Hanis Sabira Mazlan.
Although we didn't hang out that much, not every second, not every minute, not every day,
every moment but they constantly manage to make me feel occupied. They were there when I
needed someone to talk to. There when I'm being all emotional. Yes, I do admit that I'm emo at
every single thing that I do. However for some reason they able to withstand it and I swear I
love you guys for that. I really don't know what to say except for words of gratitude.
Now both of them are gone back their own other part of life which is so far away from me. I do
hope we could stay the way we are even though many barriers separating us. Here I am, being
alone at home without having any plans to go out with anyone even my own family. Thinking
about how they are doing back in their other part of life. I wish and pray for you, yes you may
that God will bless upon your souls.
Remember who you are and stay that way. Don't even change a single bit ok. Hope to see you
guys again =)

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