Monday, August 6, 2007

1 Down, 2 To Go

Bryan came over to study statistic with me so that he could finish going through the chapters faster. We studied from 4pm till 1.30am. It was one of the most productive studying moments of my entire life. We went through the chapters briefly so that we would know the big picture of each chapter and then we started to tackle the questions. We had problems doing a few of the questions though. However, thanks to Joaquim Chan we managed to understand it.

Besides studying, we kind of had a “get to know better” conversation. To be honest, I’m not really close to Bryan compared to Nabil. So, yeah we took the opportunity to know each other more. I really like the whole idea concept.

Studying + Fun.

I mean, we don’t do that everyday right? I wish we could do the same with others too. Unfortunately this would be my final semester. Won’t be sitting beside any of them ever again.

Stats paper was quite ok I think. It’s not that hard and it’s not easy. I hope I would get Distinction for that, if im lucky enough maybe High Distinction but the probability of me getting that is god damn slim. So might as well just forget about it =D

Whatever it is, I’m glad that can say “I’m done with stats!” 2 more to go!! Kanbate!!
Wish me luck!!

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