Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Here. Now. There. Then

People say I can be easily get annoyed and back to my normal mood at the same time. Another word for it is, EASY.

Well,... if you ask me, my reason would be that none of us can turn back the clock. Why then, do we all spend sooooOOOooo much time living in the past? Will take days, weeks, months or years to recover? To pick the pieces of ourselves and glue it back together. What is the point?

We can't return to it.

We can't even trust that our memory of it is accurate.

We can't live in the here-and-now when we bind ourselves by our ties with the there-and-then.

However, we somehow find it easier to look back then to cast our thoughts too far forward. And that's the reason why it is so hard to move on in life


axa*baixura said...

aiman..thx for ur concern..
but like they say..nasi dah jadi bubur..and u can't turn back time..if i can..i would stop the burning of the fire....boleh?

btw..i just realize one thing..i've never been to ur new place..bbq time i balik nnti..possible taak??*wink*wink* trying to cheer up..

Hunkiecrush said...

abg comei nih betol
haha couldnt agreee more.

to move on, is to LOOk forward. :)

JuicyED said...

haha..kmk sik ambik gamba byk2 bcoz kalah camera ngn iwan!!!
hey,subcribe as my blog follower la.. hee~

f a f a said...

remembering the past is easier, because you went through it already compared to the things youre gonna face now. :(

f a f a said...

youre tagged!