Saturday, September 26, 2009

Makan Day

Makan Day

I actually declared today to be my Malas Day since I woke up so late and I didn't have the mood to do anything besides lying on my comfy bed. I bangun pun cause I received a phone call from one of my childhood friend Edhuan. He asked me out since his leaving to Japan again 2moro. I met him only once ever since he got back, thanx to mid-term examsla. Steal me away from my friends. PFFT! No pain No gain right? anyhow, I immediately call my bestfriend Edah to teman me go 1utama since Edhuan craves for A&W waffles. Why? Apparently fast food at Japan is a big NO NO to muslims as they use pig oil. NO biggiela, so we were suppose to meet up at 1:30pm but as usual, being me + Edah, we reached 1u at 2:30pm. Luckily Edhuan totally cool about it :D

Edhuan ordered his waffle while Edah and I bought mozza burger each. After eating we went window shopping. Edhuan bought himself a pair of slippers. He uses F.O.S slippers as his toilet slippers......................... wth right? He said the stuff in Malaysia wayyyyyyyyy tooo cheap compared to Japan. Aishhh aku confirm takleh survive kat Jepun kot camni. Semua benda nak kena budget. with Edhuan, opens up a whole lot of weird stories about the people in Japan such as, there are a few ppl there who loves to steal panties and bras. What for? Ask them. Besides that, they also claim that if you drive 80 km/h while putting your hand out, the feel is actually the same as you touching breasts. Oh and another one, they also developed bras for men. I have no idea what for. (-.-") very disturbing right thinking abt it? lol.

Chilling Milling

Lepas hantar Edhuan balik, gi amik Syida, we went lepak at the curve. At first we makan at O'Brien, then we went to makan at Kenny's. I filled up myself with macaroni & cheese + Vanilla muffin + coleslaw + potato salad. Lepas tu we had to ciou cause Syida must be back home by 6:30pm. Bila kat rumah, tak sempat aku nak mandi, Edah called telling me shes coming over to my house. LOL. I love having friends over lepaking at my house chilling area. So as usual, we ended up jammin while webcaming with Hanis. OH! btw, we received Card Raya from Hanis all the way from Otago, New Zealand. Very sweet of her :) thanx babe!! OH OH! then i received a call from my close friend Aliph. So good to hear from him after sooo long. It seems that he is very busy with his sis' wedding preparations but all is well for him :)

Dipped our legs in e pond. CHILL gilerr :)

Syida join skali later and she brought her own made cheesecake and it was so delicious! I really love the moment. Just the three of us. Sing song, play guitar, web cam, video recording :D

Edah + Syida. Love of my life

After we got bored with ourselves, we went to rasta to lepak. Adri + Nazmi pun join skali. We played this card game called "hello jack" oh boy. We sure had a freakking good laugh over it. Satu rasta bising kot kakaka. OH! I makan nasi goreng USA + potato wages. As you can see, my malas day turned out to be my Makan day. PFFT!! Esok maybe gonna go jogging with Edah. Pastu gi Syida's open house. In between I might force them to teman me go wash my car lol.

All I can say is, I'm happy. Content. Satisfied. Love you guys to bits


CarynBear said...

can't believe i didnt eat A&W when i was back .. the root beer!!!!
hm. d thing about Japan is weird .. but.. i still want to go there!! =)

hamizahghazali said...

u must go to gym d la..
frm mng wats d sequence?
i lost track..
so byk kot..
see ya soon!

Aiman Ariffin said...

Caryn: me too! despite the weirdoness Japan is still in my MUST GO list lol

Aiman Ariffin said...

Miza: I eat a lot! but im still underweight :D

m3lange said...

I most certainly did *not* buy the FOS slippers for toilet use. There's only one pair. Had I bought another pair, that'll be different......

@aiman&caryn: Come lah! :D