Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Oh Tuesday

Oh Tuesday

Today, such a bad day to even begin with, especially studying. Punyala panas and it's sooooo hazy for some reason. I can't even walk straight. My shoulder bruised from the impact langgar almari (-.-"). Plus puasa. Man, how it kills my mood. I was buzy drawing instead LOL. Sorry Amir! Drawing really helps me release stress you know. Altho I suck at art lol.

I love my art :)

Went back home with the idea to sleep then probably burn the midnight oil studying. Yeah, books books books and more books! non-stop! Unfortunately I cudnt sleep cause the phone just can't stop ringing. Even if i unplugged the wire I still had to answer it since da house using the intercom thinggy. So more phone ring instead of bells. Even just know. Which company sends hampers at 11pm? I know one. Baru je tadi ada. PFT!

I hate HELP. Why make exam a few days before raya? Don't they know there is such thing as preparations to be made? Besides, which idiot would have the mood to study when raya just a few days away? IDIOT!

Deciding which one to buy

Not to forget, mummy sempat kidnap me from college just because she wants to get new carpets for the house. I don't blame herla cause its raya right? she wants the hse to be pretty. So anyways, we went to Naseer Nasim Carpets at Bangsar. You should the carpets there. Awesomely done. Semua lawa-lawa. Most of em imported from Iran. The price range from Rm1,000-70,000++ gilakan? tooo much for a carpet k. Ada this carpet the dude showed us, 100% silk and the price for that carpet was Rm70,000. Padahal kecik je but you should see it man. Damn lawa dowh. Before this I thot that it is pointless to buy expensive carpets, cause at the end of the day, people will step on it pun kan lol. but after seeing the beauty of it, then I learn to appreciate carpets more.

Bought this one :)

Oh! well since mummy bought new carpet so i thot maybe I should take the old one and place it in my room cause me room really really needed one, its too empty but she also wanted it eventho she already ada satu. So adala berebut2 carpet kejap LOL. Siapa menang? Obviously I won lol.

and this one too :)

Oh OH OH! My baju melayu dah siap :D ngeeee kaler mix of biru & purple. At first I rejected mummys offer to get new baju melayu since I already have 7 sets of baju melayu from my sis' wedding previously but she and the sales girl insisted me to buy. Last2 I simply pilih. Shes paying for it anyway right? LOL. So not my kaler seriously. Wanted a black one but mummy sed it's too dull for raya. Jadi finally I decided to experiment with new kalers.

My Baju Raya
...................................................................................................................................................................................... Bah!! my brother can be really annoying sometimes. Balik rumah je bising. Since he doesn't know my blog, im gonna take this opportunity to bitch about him. HAH! he is so useless u know. He hardly contributes anything for house duties. Semenjak my maid kena hantar balik, only mummy and I been doing the house chores. Basuh baju. Jemur baju. Lipat baju. Basuh pinggan mangguk. You name it! ......... hahaha emo giler. Siapa tak?! Dah la di underappareciated. When I'm married, I'm gonna appreciate my wife for that ;D
Ok ok ok continue with my story. Where did i stop? oh right, baju raya. I hardly shop this year okay! I didn't even have the time to walk around. I so hate you HELP! I'm so gonna send hate mail to the business department management! grrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Fuuuh~ breath aiman breath.

Nasib ada caramel frap :D cheers my day u know. oit oit oit. I went to curve with mummy today after being pestered byher. She really can be a bummer sometimes you know. aishhh we went to Aussino and beli new bedsheets for all the rooms then singgah starbucks for my upah den balik and now im sitting here in front of my laptop trying to study. I swear! at least im trying okay.
LASTly, I recently had a haircut. The hairstylist siap kutuk aku kot. "your forehead,.... mmmm.. it's a bit too wide. So lets not cut your fringe" ........ PFFT!! chis!! I went to cut at this place at 1utama. Aliph had his hair cut there before and so I thot maybe I should try. Oh right! now i remember, Infinity Hair Salon. Nama tak stylo langsung lol. OK2 enuff of crapping. That's all folks!

So much for botak huh? :p lol


JuicyED said...

DUDE..........BABE! BFF!! i miss u la gile..lookign foward for FRIDAY! JGN LUPA!!!!

kerolizwan said...

baju raya aku kaler biru gak weiihh..
let's raye!

aiman botak! *ngee~*

Aiman Ariffin said...

Edah: i knowwwwwwwww, i cant wait for that day. and pls remember, we need to be hotties on dat nite pls :D

Aiman Ariffin said...

Kerol:wahahah biru? lol aku ingat ko nak purple haha siottttttttttttttttttt aku tak botakla

renjizakura said...

sabar sabar
tu sume dugaan bulan pose

Aiman Ariffin said...

Renji: agakla kan. penattttttttttt dan stresssss lol tak sabar habis

azli said...

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