Friday, October 23, 2009



59 - - -> 60 - - -> 61 - - -> 62 - - -> 62 .........

As you can see, my growth is on hold. My body is at its constant weight which is 62 kg. Good achievement :) but now I need to focus more on working out. No more lazing around doing light machines. I'll try.

need more

Study life? same o same o. Been extra busy preparing myself for final examination which will start on the 10th of November. So that would be,..... approximately less than 3 weeks. 3 weeks to cover 4 subjects, in other words 3 weeks to start memorizing the textbooks. Absorb as much as I can then vomit everything out during the BIG DAY :D

Billy + Me

Offer letter? Nope. I'm still waiting for the offer letter from Queensland. I can't sleep day and night worrying about this. I won't rest in peace until I receive the letter. So hurry up Queensland. Reply me already please :(

bosan menunggu :s

Social life? Not too bad. Went karoeke for 5 hours recently. Woohoo~ without having any interruption from anyone or anything! I even got lucky by getting their notepad for free. Oh right, I went for a day trip to Melaka with Josh + Kelly + Dipica. We kinda spent most of the time at Jonker Walk and Dipicas crib. I strongly recommend that you go to Jonker Walk at night. Those people missing a hell lot if they don;t go. Shopping paradise.

Dip + Me + Kelly at Nishrint's crib

Dance? Even better. Luciano talk and notice us already. He even invited us to his party at Bangsar :) Also, I can say that we've adapted ourselves with the dance moves as we catch up memorizing the steps faster than before. (***** I give 5 stars here)

Although all these events evolves around me, I still feel that I need more. I think that I should more beneficial activities which can boost myself mentally and physically as well. Yoga perhaps? mandarin classes? Vocal classes? Anyone interested?


t a u f i k said...

haha i like the part where u absorb the info and vomit it back on the big day. that is soo true. based from ur picca, ur body is already in shape. where do you work out usually aiman? and hey, i can give french lesson 4 ya. ahaha

JuicyED said...

oi!!!bila nk g sign up for manderin class? or u want it after ur finals?? dying. seriously.
suprisingly i stayed home last nite.. but i did nothing. n now im already awake at 8am!! and doing nothing again.

Aiman Ariffin said...

Taufik: kat celebrity fitness 1utama je. lol. thanxx! but i wanna learn mandarin tho. tatau bila nak start

Aiman Ariffin said...

Edah: babe, go check out the price and timingla. after my exam would be good. Im too overwhelmed now

Satria Dewa Vista said...

hehehe....have just read your comment in like "vocab corrector"? hehe....