Saturday, October 10, 2009

World of Art


I hate attending functions. Especially when I have to follow my parents alone, without having any of my siblings behind my back. Why?
  1. Most of the time their busy talking to their friends, bunch of corporate people.
  2. Inferior Complex. I can't help myself from feeling this way. Watching successful business people greeting each other, talking about economic conditions, using sophisticated jargon. If it is an old people talk I still can handle it but they are not just random old people. Well, besides being old, they are very very educated at the same time each plays a major role in Malaysia's economic. It's the last place that I want to be.
  3. A puppet. Actually, I know why my parent loves to bring me around meeting their friends. Somehow I feel like I'm a trophy rather than their child.

Nur Azlina Binti Zulkafli

But not today. I met a very wonderful woman. Her name is Nur Azlina Binti Zulkafli. A name that I didn't expect to hear from her since she doesn't look Malay at all. To be honest, she were the most attractive lady there, after my mom of course lol. All I know about her background is that her father is mat salleh. Actually, she started talking to my mom first then I sebok masuk since sadly I didn't manage to get along with her husband very well. It stopped right after he told me that his son is taking up Philosophy at Melbourne University(maybe he was embarrassed about it? Can't blame him. You know how we Malaysians never look up and learn to appreciate Art & Literature)

Dancing Mermaid In The Blue Ocean

The whole conversation rocked on when she mentioned "badminton" and then it went on to her sons after that she started talking about art. I remember her telling me about abstract art and how she made shape of a mermaid out of clay and write a story out of it while colouring. Following after that, we talked about singing and composing songs. Apparently she created a song and gave me the link to check it out on youtube. Not bad, in fact pretty good. I requested for the lyrics. Then she said something that I find it soo humorous "I know you can sing, with that tone of voice and slang. You should try" of course I'm not buying it. The only place that I can sing my lungs out is in da toilet while showering. We had so much things to talk but it had to end, so we exchanged emails cause she wanted to show me her paintings.

Searching For Mermaid

Now, I;m back at home looking at her name card. Googled her name. Found out that shes one of the famous abstract art painter in Malaysia. It didn't click my mind when she mentioned abstract art earlier cause I actually did a research on it before back in KTJ and even wrote an essay on it. My all time favourite abstract painter used to be Jackson Pollock until Lina took over the place :) I went to the National Art Museum before you know. To see how Malaysian appreciate art. I think it's safe for me to say that we're clearly not on that level yet. To actually understand, feel, appreciate art. If you notice, other countries take a good care of their Art museums and they would berebut to be the curator.

Anyhow, I'm glad that I went for the function. I met such a wonderful person which she successfully opens up my heart of interest on the world of art again. I used to think that art people are tooo pretentious, but again maybe I'm being toooo steroetype there?

For more, google up "16 talented artists essay their thoughts through paintings and sculptures"


hamizahghazali said...

wow wow wow!
nice arts..
wer did u go n see al this..
ade exhibition on arts ke?

Aiman Ariffin said...

Miza: no! but shes gonna bring me and show me her art work! :D cant waitt!!

fajiL said...

i'd hardly call philosophy an embarrassing subject! super gempak kotttt.

Aiman Ariffin said...

fazril: tau takpe! same to me too :D

Tomo said...

eh eh.. do u remember we used to discuss inferior complex d other day.. hahaha.. btw, u dont have to.. u have ur own quality n u shud be proud of it.. look? how ur parents treat u like their trophy.. it's triumphant!

Aiman Ariffin said...

Tomo: yeah i remembered, lol thts why i talked abt it haha. Really? awww thx broo. appreciate that a lot :)

Nur Azlina said...

hellooo r u Aiman ? it was nice talking to u the other day...Omg, what a nice story to read about me,lol...anyway my dad bukan matsalleh,he's pure malay n i think i got a look from my mum's side...anyway nice to hear from u...will let u know anything about my future art exhibition,cheers Aiman

Linazul said...

Hi again...sorry for my late info...will definitely tell you anything about my upcoming exhibition...soon. Insyaallah, i mean solo exhibition...anyway,u looked great n cute too in those modeling photos...reminds me of my young days...could u pls gv me your fcbook address again...tq

Aiman Ariffin said...

hey lina, im so sorry for the late reply. I rarely read back my blog posts. Anyways this is my facebook add:

do mail me or add me up in facebook aite :)

Unknown said...

hey...nice songs u have there...i already fall in love with that songs..really feeling it