Friday, November 13, 2009

It's Time

It's Time

I started my "Operasi Bebas" terribly. (fyi, I call this time period of freedom from any obligation with studying related matter as Operasi bebas hahaha) Exam habis at 11.00am, chill for a bit at college then went back home at 12.30pm. Mummy asked if I wanna eat or not. Told her I'll get to that after settling down. Masuk bilik, terus ZZZZzzzzzzzzzz......... ---> ---> ---> ---> (blink blink)

I MISSED FRIDAY PRAYER! Yes. God, I felt soooo bad. What a sin. sighhhh I hope I wont repeat this again. Lepas tu, went to have quality time with Mummy + Sister + Naquib(nephew) Qualityla sangat. Practically they were just gossiping and I couldnt keep up with them. I missed out a lot cause of exams you see. Nak join in pun takleh kot. Imagine that, being left out from conversations between mummy and sister. I can't stop myself from interrupting them la, hahaha. they got annoyed den shoooo me away suruh sambung tido. :S so much of quality time right? pffft!

Moving on! Amir's surprise bday party at 8pm. So I should be there bfore 8pm right? It wouldnt be a surprise anymore if datang lambat but 8.15pm I was still at home (-.-") Had to call the boys (billy, joshua & dixon) first as usual kalau tak, mmg tak gerakla kot.

8.15pm received text msg from Fafa "Didn't I tell you to be here by 8? I'm already here"

SHIT! webcammed with Kelly while choosing what baju to wear. Did some calling callings, straight meet them at Il Padrino. Waited for dixon, then wooooshhhh to Duta Vista.

I'm really bad when it comes to this kinda parties cause this is where you chill + take pics + mostly socialize more with people. Meet new faces and get to know them. I'm really bad at this. Seriously. Usually I'll make myself busy by taking pictures, move to the beat, eat, or just stay in my circle. which is badlah. I hope I'll be more brave and ignore the awkwardness next time. I hope. haha

Me with the Birthday Boy Amir

Me with Fafa, I heart you Fa!

~ Kelly + Me ~

Hahahaa Josh!! funny oh

Billy + Me + Kelly at Il Padrino

Aite2 I'll let the pictures do the talking now! gotta shower and get ready to meet Syahida at The Curve. Later peepz!


reez said...

enjoy operasi bebas!

kerolizwan said...

ape nih. masjid depan umah pun terlepas friday prayer. grrrr...hahaha

Aiman Ariffin said...

Reez: hahaha thanx bro. wanna lepak??

Aiman Ariffin said...

Kerol: brooo jgnlaaa, aku dah rasa bersalah sgt daaa. sighh :(