Saturday, January 23, 2010



Done looking at the pictures? Pretty aren't they? Fair, nice lean body, tall, big eyes, perfect figure.

Imagine you're sitting at a random place, let's say Starbucks. Then your friends tapped you and said "hot chick! hot chick in the radar!" When you turn and look, she holds all the criteria mentioned above.


What I don't get is, who decides that beautiful people should have those characteristics? Why can't it be the opposite?


"blame on the Society" someone told me that once

and how come only people who falls under the "good looking" category gets all the special treatment? extra friendlier?

What about us? what about me? who doesn't have what it takes to be in that category?

A few of my friends puzzled cause of my enthusiast to be as nice as I can to other people. Even putting myself before them, 2nd place.


Cause that's all I can offer. That's all I can afford to give.

So please. be fair. to everybody. everyone. ignore colors, skin, race, gender, religion

When you finally reach all that, then you can sell 1Malaysia to the world.


syazaza ;] said...
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Aiman Ariffin said...

Sya: i congratulate u on publishing ur comment haha :)

tak pendam. cuma buat terfikir je. It's good that u think this way :)

syazaza ;] said...

thank u ;3

deleting my previous comment~

cam pelik je komen tu. ntah bape byk grammatical error XD

Aiman Ariffin said...

Sya: laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :(

syazaza ;] said...

what? haha xD

Hedaya Ibrahim said...

aiman, very true! this is a good entry

Aiman Ariffin said...

hedaya: thanx babe. i knew u wud understand :)

hamizahghazali said...

marvelous post..
haha i like =)

Aiman Ariffin said...

miza: haha thanx babe!

Aliph said...

aiman. no no no
r u just bitching bout me
i know la I'm beautiful
haha. I'm Pinocchio.

Yayahaha said...

I can relate to this . Kudos :)

Aiman Ariffin said...

yaya: thanx :)