Saturday, March 20, 2010

Random Shizniet

Random Shizniet

As promised, I'm back blogging. Banyak oh citer nak bgtau. Where to start? where to start? *anxiousss*Ntahlah, well let me just talk randomly okay? Hence with the name random shizniet

Haish, well. My groupies and I had a steamboat birthday party last night. It was awesome! I ate before attending the party cause afraid of the confusion in mixing up the non-halal + halal food there. (nasib takde babi pangang, kalau tak confirm muntah wekwekwek puke puke puke)

Kelly the bday girl

Anyhow, it was very nice and chilling till one of the dodos added in the non-halal food into the halal steamboat pot. DAMMIT! (thank God I ate early!) *pandai tol kau aiman. ehek* Was all good, makan laugh makan snap pictures makan laugh (i enjoyed myself drinking coke and sprite bwahaha maklumlah, coke and sprite dan segala keluarga gassy drinks disini sumpah gila mahal.

nyum nyum!

RM 10 for one big bottle. Ngarot tol harga kat sini

Pastu they started bringing out the alcoholic drinks. Some of them super funny bila mabuk. Some of them will cry and pour their hearts out. Some of them FUCKING ANNOYING. Cakap tak henti2. potpetpotpoetpotpoetpotepoet non-stop im telling you. I cannot I cannot. Too much to handle. One of my apartment mates pretended to have a bad headache then I excuse myself terus balik rumah :)

That's how my fun and hanging out with friends is. Suke ria sampai mabuk. (hukhukhuk sila dgr betul2 disini ye, I do not consume alcohol and anything related to it)


p/s: BABE! HAppy Birthday! hope u'll like your prezzie!


Saiful Ridzuan said...

HAHAHAH! wekwekwek puke puke puke!
sanggup tu tak makan sama dorang. tabik spring lah! ;)

syazaza ;] said...

potpetpotpetpotpet... XDD

kat umah kalo adik bebel, mesti ejek dia potpetpotpet XD

haha mcm best je aiman kt sana >w<

Aiman Ariffin said...

Wan: ahahha time kaseh :)

Aiman Ariffin said...

Syazaza: yeke? haha samala kite. biasa je la