Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A new Leaf

A new Leaf

EXAMS OVER!!!!!!!!!!! hooorah! hoooorah! HOOOOORAH!

Finally!! Been waiting for this day for toooo long lol. No more waking up early in the morning, no 2 hours nap, no more library, no more fast food, no more starvation, no more books, no more no more no more!!

Inilah rupa bilikku pabila dilanda musim Exam

I can smell freedom! hahaha well, I started off my Freedom celebration by going to Pig & Whistle Bar to chill and watch football. Mana tau jalan jauh2 tgk2 tempat tu tutup? Typical Brisbane! 10pm semua orang dah tidur :-s Buat penat je dressing2

Amikla gamba, buat penat je lol

But anyhow! today my friends decided to have a bbq party! hell yEAH! it's gonna be damn awesome! hehehe Will update more soon!

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