Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I've been battling with my own thoughts lately. Most of the time actually and nearly all of it are random stuff lol. However, I feel like pin pointing at one of it right now.
yup. Respect.
Not those typical general manners such as respect to elders, yadida yadida. not like what you hear on radio Kelly Clarkson's version of "RESPECT" but more like respect your best friend's friends or your lover's friends.
Although we're all humans however I would like to remind you that not all of us are the same. Different thinking comes in different backgrounds or different culture.
Today, after talking to a very close friend of mine; I learn about respect to your lover's friends. You may like nor hate whoever that person is but no matter what, "
Who are you to tell your lover that their friends are not good nor bad. Ask yourself that. No one not even you. As how I see it, it's a wrong thing to do.
Learn to respect them and if you can't. DEAL WITH IT. Keep your thoughts to yourself or channel it to somewhere else and make sure it won't disturb your relationship. Some times it is good to keep quiet. What they don't know won't hurt them. So be it.

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