Saturday, February 19, 2011



Among the people that we love, we care, some of them do not want to express their emotions because afraid of being awkward, shy or maybe they are just egoistic.
There are egoist who admits love, who understands how powerful love is, but deny its rights because they feel love makes them look stupid and too troublesome  but truthfully for a normal human being, love is nothing but sincerity and pure.
If you question your heart, why the people that you love hardly show their feelings instead they keep it inside as if their actions does not have any emotions, you can call them as “pemegang ego cinta”
Try testing the love. Test it. Ask simple questions. Who are we to them? Who are we at their hearts and how strong is their love towards us? Try asking that to egoist and see what they answer you.

Every emotions that are restricted because of ego, is actually a price that we need to take and pay. It will take a long time and it’ll test our patience. Because one day, a soft spot will appear in their heart and they have to accept the fact how strong the sincerity and purity of love is in them.

Deny as much as you want, you know that the truth, sincerity, purity, will always shine bright.


JuicyED said...

;) im not gonna give up now then... im not gonna give up on someone i really love easily.

Aiman Ariffin said...

Edah: yes love. Fight while the love is still there k? :)

TkaBella said...

agreed, sometimes this ego person is more ok than those who are more frank..btul x???so plng pntg be urself je..ego pun ok ape kn.. dorang just xdpt nk ckp je ape yg dorang rase..