Thursday, August 11, 2011


Recently I had an argument with my future brother in law. It started when he asked me what I wanna work as, accountant ke, auditor ke, apa ke. I told him I don't know and I don't wanna think about it yet. I wanna rest first, thats all I care for now.

He went on saying that corporate finance is really good. It is very easy to make money yadida yadida. Honestly, I listen for the sake of listening. Tak interested langsung pun but yela. Me being myself, I always put others before myself. Pastu dia suruh I work with the big four companies of accounting. Sejujurnya, I don't really care if I work in a big firm or a small one, it doesn't really matter as long as I gain experience and I don't see why I need to stress myself up even more.

Then he said I'm premature. Immature. That really did it. He definitely pressed the wrong button.

First of all, as clearly as I can remember, I never ask for your opinion on what I should do or what I should think. Never. So I would prefer you keep your master brilliant suggestion to yourself. Don't trouble yourself getting into my business. Don't tell me how to live my life. It's mine. I decide if you deserve to be in it or not.

Second of all, don't you dare say I'm premature or immature. Our difference probably go by our age only. Besides that, I'm sure there are other things that I'm way ahead of you. I don't need you to lecture me on desire or needs. If you say it's impossible to achieve, then why did someone managed to write about desire and needs in a book? Don't lecture me about money, yes, I won't argue the fact that money is power but money is not everything. There must be more to life.

Thirdly, please please please know that not everybody sees the world like you do. Each of us ada hak masing-masing untuk melihat dunia dari pandangan yang berbeza. If I hold a ball in between us, the pattern of the ball doesnt mean it should be the same as your side even though the ball has the same round shape. Get me? Although we're looking or pointing at the same topic but our views may differ.

As long as those views does not crosses the line of yours then by all means, respect it. 

Respect the differences. 
Respect uniqueness. 
Respect individuality.


Bob Merley said...

sucks when others try to decide what u wanna do. I just wanna live leisurely... like jellyfish (=

Aiman Ariffin said...

Bob: its fine if they wanna give suggestions but dont cross the line! hehe :)

namaakulynn said...

wuhuuu.harap u n ur bro-in-law tak simpan lama2.tapi betul la,respect!itu yang penting.and its up to u la kan to make ur own decision.anyhow,wish u luck. ;)

Aiman Ariffin said...

Lynn: lol I dont take it to the heart but I will voice out my pov. hehe thank you lynn! :)

Akulah Pak Lan said...

He just thinking what the best for you..

Honestly after being working 4 years..I still couldnt find job that met with my needs.

My advice...

1. Find a first job...any job that can give you a good experience.
2. Find a job that can satisfy yourself.
3. Find a better job with better salary..of course take no 2 into your consideration also since this is the most important thing..

Akue Achik said...

maybe his intention was good..he wanted your life to be secure..but then, he got carried away by his thoughts on what`s better 4 u..
but that`s juz my fact, i hate it too when people try to make me think like them..

btw, i fully agreed with

Respect the differences.
Respect uniqueness.
Respect individuality.

salam ramadhan.. :)

Rtp Farra Arisha said...

for me this isn't a major problem. but at the same time we've to hear somebody's opinions.
he just wants to see u achieve success in everything u embark on.
like i told u before, u think what u've to think, u decide the best decision ever. so that after this everything that u do goes very smoothly right? and the last one is u've to do what u've to do. even there's protest from anybody, that is second matter. as long as u follow ur right own ways :) goodlcuk in everything bro!! ;)

James Alexander said...

glad that you actually aren't a 'Yes Man'.

Aiman Ariffin said...

Lan: True. It's really difficult to find a job that meets your preference. Those who found it can be considered as the luckiest ppl in the world.

But again. I'm not having an argument on being picky at choosing jobs. Thanx for the advice though :)

Aiman Ariffin said...

Achik: You might be right or maybe not. Who knows. HE knows. However, yes I agree with u the fact that maybe he was just being an adult. But that doesnt mean you can just voice out your thoughts without giving it a think first. Especially when you dont really know that person

Aiman Ariffin said...

Farra: True. I agree with you on the fact that I should listen and ponder at the end of the day I should be the one who makes the call. However, it clearly stated there in my post that he did crosses the line when he said my thinking is immature.

You see, if he is so mature. He should think and consider my own opinion and thoughts about life first. Before labeling it immature.

For me, I find it very disrespectful.

Aiman Ariffin said...

James: haha I'm definitely not a 'Yes Man' but sometimes I wonder if it is a good thing or not.

t a u f i k said...

i have been in your position. it can be annoying sometimes. but i like your third point about everybody not seeing the world like we do. that's a good one!

it doesn't matter what people think. at the end of the day, the thing that matters the most is what you think is best. :)

Aiman Ariffin said...

Taufik: aww thanx man. Exactly my point! thank you :)

hamizahghazali said...

whoa u kire baik, if my wrong button u shud know me better. wud rather say messing with the wrong person, seriously annoying! btw ur future bro in law? x story pn to me, pls do so k :)

Aiman Ariffin said...

Hamiza: byk story to tell u la. da time i wanna meet up with u. is da time u must get sick -.-"