Saturday, September 10, 2011

Hari Bahagia

Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim,

I had a bahagia yet tiring day for the entire weekend (me think) Early this morning, since everybody in e house were busy with their own agendas, I decided to have an uncle-nephew bonding session! Tadaaa~ Naquib is so lucky to have such an awesome uncle like meself. lol. Self-praise Self-motivation okay. 

Naquib struggling to wear his socks haha!

Finally got the toy that he wanted -.-"

Anyways, I rang Edah (my bestfriend) up to teman me and my my my to my surprise she was keen to join us for lunch. So we went to 1utama shopping mall ended up buying an aeroplane toy for baby Naquib (macam kat rumah tak cukup mainan kapal terbang kan) 

He loves it too :-D

Then we had our lunch at the yummilicious Pizza Milano. I've always love eating there. If you happen to enjoy creamy, pasta, spaghetti, pizza, mostly Italian food, by all means, please make your way there. I promise you, you won't regret it. 

Decided to wear white! ;-)
Later after that, I went for my friends wedding Ahmad Rizal & Laila Fasya with my childhood friend Alfian Montella. Itu nama comel dia ye haha. To think about it, I can't recall how I happen to know Fasya. We weren't in the same school, so I assume she's a friend of a friend but I guess we became somewhat closer than we ever thought kot. lol. 

Kami berdua masih single & available HAHA
It doesn't matter. What matters most is that I was invited for her wedding! yes! I was happy to be there. On such an auspicious day, to watch two souls being tied as one. Nothing can be better than this proper and blessed ceremony. 

With the newly wed :-)
With all sincerity I bless the two of you 

to have a strong heart in tolerating 
to have a clear heart in trusting  
to have a passionate heart in loving 
to have a pure heart in believing
each other till the end of time
InsyaAllah Amin.

p/s: Don't you find Naquib and I cute? We wore the same shirt that I bought for us HAHA -.-"


Yunne Osman said...

naquib is so tall for kids his age. i guess it runs in the genes huh? ;p he looks so much like you, a mini you! heheh you both look sweet together =) you're such a loving uncle! my hubs is back and i love to see him with eshan too. it's good that eshan bonds with my hubs immediately despite not seeing him for quite some time

Anonymous said...

Uncleee mann!!acikk nak jam mcm naquib tuh...awesome ooh jam die....yess he deserved that the love n attention from you...since die ade missing sumting dlm life die...while you sntiasa ade by his side at least die tak terasa the 'incomplete' n empty part tuh...just ensure you tak spoil die too much...

Motiff single n available?nk msuk market ke?teeeee heeeeee

Rtp Farra Arisha said...

i love to see a lovely naquib!! hehe. much kisses to him :))

attending the friend's wedding is the greatest moment, happy wedding to ur friend!! :D

Namee Roslan said...

naquib sangat comel ! :D