Thursday, September 15, 2011

My Small Little Secret

Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim,

Small Little Secret

When was the last time I posted an emo post? lols. I'm gonna let myself write freely this time. No need to check any grammatical errors, phrasing and what not. Let my fingers do its trick.

At the moment, life seems to be perfect. Too perfect to complain about anything. Maybe on the surface, on the outer side, the part where I want people to see. Yes, some choose what other people to see them as. Most prefer to show fractions of their happy mappiness. They hide their worries, sorrows, issues. Some bombard others with their images of endless joy and everlasting blissful life.


Some prefer to be more sincere and somewhat ingenuous honesty with their feelings. Like myself. My blog not only filled with sweet delightful sugary candy, also overflow with mixtures of emotions such as disappointment, heartbroken, mellow, and yadida yadida yadida.

Namun, aku percaya bahawa setiap manusia itu mempunyai hak masing-masing untuk memilih cebisan mana di dalam hidup mereka mahu dikongsikan. We can't share every pieces of our life with anyone. Sometimes you need your own space and place to keep to yourself. Your small little secret. I don't know how many of my friends read my writings. I hope none. Why? Because this place is where I write my small little secret.



aneez abdul ghaffar said...

true!!this is place where i put my emo emo....when i read back my blog i found that my life seems so pathethic =.=".....dats y none of my fren know i have a blog(even my roomate) tak pernah nampak separuh diri i yg sbenar which i am surviving n struggling healing my pain....and dorg ta pernah tahu kekesalan i yg ta mampu jd muslim terbaik....=.='

aneez abdul ghaffar said...
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