Saturday, January 7, 2012

Jalan-Jalan Cari Kerja.

Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim,

Rambut sudah dipotong. Interview punya pasal

Perghhh..... dah berbulan tak update blog. Semenjak balik daripada Brisbane from Graduation, I've been extremely busy with "job hunting" yela banyak benda kot. So kepada sesiapa yang baru lepas graduate and a lil bit clueless on what to do, here are a few tips for you to take into consideration:

1) Prepare your resume. I'm sure at your Universities/Colleges ada workshop on Resume Writing. They will teach you on how to make it interesting and what not. The template. Photos. Emails. Working experience. yadida yadida. You need to be very specific and detail. 

2) Sort out your academic and non-academic certificates, make a few photocopies on them. You might want to send your application to various companies cause you wouldnt know who will take you and who wouldnt. So you have to make a few sets of them. 

3) Send your resumes and your academic/non-academic certificates to the company that you are interested working with. You can do this by post or by hand. If you do it by hand it'll be faster and at least you know that it has been delivered. You can also leave it to the reception.

4) Start your online application on the companies' websites. Certain companies are very particular about this. It's always better to have you registered in their system so that they know you are interested working with them. 

5) Prepare yourself for the interviews. This is crucial. You need to know about the company in and out. Also you need to think of questions that they might ask you. These questions depends on who your interviewer will be. 

If your interview is someone from the Human Resource department (HR) you can expect a lot of general questions such as;

- Why do you choose to work at Y company?

- Where do you see in 5 years time?

- In your university days, tell me one scenario where you work as a team?

the interviewer, especially the HR will look at your results in detail and expect alarming questions regarding on your grads too. 

If your interviewer is a manager, snr manager or anyone other than HR, then you may want to expect a lot of technical questions. 

It's very important that you prepare your homework well. Check in youtubes. They have examples on how interviews will be like. Most of them won't be helpful as much as you expect but at least it does give you a slight advantage at knowing how it will be like. Spend some time to Google interview questions from the companies that have called you. Sometimes there will be discussions among those who had been interviewed.

Lastly, be calm, take your time, be confident with what you have to offer, be positive and yes, pray. You need spiritual strength as much as mental strength. All the best! 

Gaya sebelom interview. Nervous ni sebenarnya lols


ouh iena said...

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namivamp said...

ugh i hate thinking about interviews..scary! btw goodluck 8)specky..heee

Rtp Farra Arisha said...

hey bro aiman. seriously, you looked so much different with your past-look! and yourself now look so damn smart...hehehe, i wish best to you then. and good luck in everything...kisses and hugs to that cute little boy a.k.a your nephew...

ryan said...

all the best to u sweety

hypersyaza said...

OH-M-GEEE!!! macam chubby skit XD

Mutiara Bernilai said...

all d best neh for ur career world..

moga mendapat kerja yang lebih mendekatkan kita kpd Dia..mukmin professional :D