Thursday, May 31, 2012


Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim,

From Friendster ---> Myspace ---> Facebook ---> Twitter ---> ??

As you can clearly see, humans are always in need of change even though the purposes of having those social networking websites are the same, which is to connect & interact with each other despite friends or strangers. We constantly update our status, upload our pictures, give our comments for what? for what purpose? to show the world how happy and beautiful our lifes are when its so imperfect? 

Or to express instead of impress. Or to share instead of showing off. It all depends on each individual views.

Like it or not, I happen to be pulled into that group of people but I strictly try my best to express my emotions (although I admit, I have that showing off feeling whenever I post a statement or a picture lol). Currently, I'm very much obsess with Instagram (Igers) It's a pretty cool application where you snap pictures and share it online with other igers. You can also post comments on those pictures or you can "like" em. 

Like I said, basically its like any other social networking websites but Instagram focuses more on pictures.

So are you an igers? If you are, don't be shy and add me up! Just click on the right handside bar or you can click here

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