Saturday, May 26, 2012

Our moment & will always be

 "Do you guys still remember our night in stradbroke island? we talked abt our journey, relationship, uncertain future, what we wanna be, what we wanna do, how we wanna love, how our grandkids are gonna hang out etc. now i remember how much i wished i could just live that moment forever. it was our moment and will always be."

- Jessica Han

How can I possibly forget? A year ago, we were laughing, A year ago we were drinking coffees, A year ago we were dancing, A year ago we were traveling, A year ago we were watching sunset, A year ago we were eating ice-creams. That was a year ago. We're walking on our own paths now. Our own way of life. Living in our own destiny. Life seems to be very different once you work cause now you're held responsible for every single thing that you do. Your actions will lead to different reactions. From there, it'll set the direction you would go.

When I look back at my past, honestly I don't think I have any regrets. I have beautiful memories carved at the back of my head, I have wonderful people who set their footprints in my heart. People come - People go as they pleased. Nor you and I can stop the shift. Life, is like a permeable membrane. We try to create a strong barrier to protect ourselves from threats but like a permeable membrane, not all can be avoided. 

So that is how life is. . . . . . . . .

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