Sunday, July 1, 2012


Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim,

Yeah I admit it, sometimes I do feel alone and lonely eventhough I have friends and family around me. Yes, sometimes I do feel that I need someone to share my thoughts with at night. Yes, sometimes I do feel that I need someone to confide in. Yes, sometimes I do feel that I need to send "good morning" messages or to anticipate a message the moment I close and open my eyes.

But, sometimes I do feel that I'm not meant or built to have love. Yes, it's true that God created us not to be alone but sometimes I do believe that it doesnt apply to everyone. That is something that I have to argue with life. I believe that we're as Muslims, already given the guideline, stories, lessons to follow and learn from but as for me, I will carry myself as far as I can go. I have come to understand that everybody has their own scars and follow their own hearts as to far as one can go.

Fate. If one won't let fate decide it all then one has the right to change it. That is how I see it. I choose who I choose to be. Following HIS directions of course.


Sizzling Suzai said... feelin that too n kinda desperate for sometimes but thank God as im still on the right track..insyAllah.. =)

Nur Fatin said...

It's okay. Whatever happens, Allah is always with you. He will never let us alone :') About the love, soon, insyaAllah you will find one. Bercinta lepas kahwin is much more awesome and full with barakah (Dena) :)