Saturday, July 27, 2013

Absolute No Control.

Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim,

Have you ever wonder why you can't sleep because you're thinking about them? Images of them floating playing all over in your head. When you get a hold yourself, you felt like an idiot for letting them cross over your mind all the time because you know it'll follow with a sting right after. 

Every sad songs that you've heard seems to meant a lot to you now more than before. Every breakups or relationship movies seems similar to you although it differ. Yeah you probably be thinking being single sucks right now.

But if you're being in a relationship right now because you're single, then you're making a huge mistake there my friend. Sometimes being in a relationship makes you feel lonelier than being single.

Think about it, does it really makes sense to be single when youre in a relationship? I mean, at least the whole lonely emotion does makes sense when you're single.

I know it's difficult to go through all those painful, excruciating pain, memories, those absolute no control emotions. But don't rush into a relationship for the wrong reasons. Love is like a birth of new hope. Not a tool for you to forget about the past.