Friday, May 30, 2014

Hey Ho

Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim,

bed ridden with a viral fever for the past 4 days seem to be a good day to start writing again. Odd. I know. While shivering under the blanket trying to get some sleep, staring at the ceiling of the room. It got me thinking of those exs, ex bestfriends, ex lovers, ex friends. Whom our ways just parted from each other. How I wish I can get them queue and sort our differences or problems through and live in a world where there wont be any what if's. 

It also made me wonder, is it me? or is it them? can't possibly their fault fully can it? and it can;t be fully my fault too right? oh well, however, I don't feel any sense of guilt at all in me. So I guess either way, its good. It happens for a reason (or something that I force myself to believe in).

But, I always believe that our paths will cross each other again (not collide I hope). The next time we meet, lets be nice to each other shall we? World peace.