Monday, April 24, 2017

Ending Scene

Ending Scene

Listened and watched IU's latest song "ending scene". The song is like a time travel. Each piano notes played brought me back to the past, where my last relationship ended. Images from the past flashes through a stream of emotions. It's coming back to me now. Oddly enough it still stings. Hurts. To feel pain after so many years surprises me. 

Have I not moved on yet? Do I still linger in the past? Am I still waiting? 

The answer is NO.

I definitely have moved on. The difference between myself back then and now is that, I don't cry anymore when it comes to this. It hurts but I'm not shattered. I've grown stronger.

The relationship that I had. Requited feelings between two beings. The love. It was beautiful. It was precious.  It will always remain as memories. For me it is. It would be nice to be friends again, but if our paths doesn't cross each other, I just wish you nothing but happiness.   

Just like part of IU's lyrics,

"I sincerely pray for you, you deserve to be happy"

P/S: I think you would understand better if you watch IU's Ending Scene music video. 

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