Friday, September 28, 2007

I know where my place is

People nowadays struggle their asses to get themselves into international universities. Anywhere as long as it is not local. Yes yes I agree there are a lot of advantages and unimaginable experiences that can be obtained. I used to feel jealous whenever I browsed through their photos. Trips, picnics, chillings, lepakings, studying together with friends.

Dreams… that I longed for. I used to be so so so upset, seeing them leave me one by one and finally left me here all alone.

However right now, I feel that I am being extraordinarily silly when I think about it. If I picture myself studying abroad, whenever I want to come back here I would definitely picture the people that I will meet back home.

So, I have already accepted my place. I will be one of those people that will be here and meet any of them when their back. My place is here and I have to start mingle like one.

"Awareness of Limitations"


f a f a said...

you are sooo awesomeee.
do you know that I studied, that if someone comes to a point of realization, his/her writing will be better? hee. x)

axa*baixura said...


Hazwani Hashim said...

it really doesnt matter u noe, on the surface anyone can say anything but deep down i noe that it truly depends on who u r and how u do things. that, u carry anywhere. go overseas..?kalau mix dgn msians jer better off study kat msia tak? ;)

take care aiman!

Hedaya Ibrahim said...

haz's right. =]

hey u! make sure post entries bout raya ayte. i so miss raya in msia!

Chill Jill said...

I found Aiman! hahahha! 'elo Aiman!

... well said. The blog post I mean.

Aliph said...

u know what
im about to feel the same
but some ppl were so lucky
thats wut i keep it to myself
my day would come soon