Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Revolutionize the Revolution

Things do not stay the way it is. Nothing is. As time goes, slowly people change.

In what sense? Anything, appearance, habits, the way they speak, attitude wise and etc.

Great alteration will result in immense change.

We choose the people that we want to be friends with. If they change, would they still be “that” friend worth spending our time with? So basically what can I say here is nothing last forever right? But why is there such thing as Friends Forever? Eternal Love? Maybe we can say that when only the “change” does not occur, but can we avoid it? It is apart of life after all.

Here I am blogging about friends of mine which already changed till I don’t feel comfortable to be with them while neglecting the fact that I myself experience the alteration too.

Is it possible for us to be friends in the future? Doubt, qualm, skepticism, uncertainty.
A question that only in the future will be answered. So we shall wait and see.

For I only know that hopes and faithfulness are not by my side.

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