Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Gotta Go

I got to say it’s in my mind. Something about how I feel about my friends. Somehow it doesn’t seem right these days. I used to believe in my friends, used to think they are the closest thing that I have but now, it’s different. It’s hard to say. Maybe I can’t stop getting my hopes up and watch them fall every time. Another colour turns to grey.

I feel that I’m fading away. I feel that I don’t belong with the KTJians or some of the DJians anymore. I feel that I seriously have to move on and be myself again. Maybe I want to fade away.

I dare take the chances, the risk that we might not see each other ever again but it’s ok because we might find our place in this world someday.


FaJiL said...

dude i just found ur blog =)

chillax man, you dont have to feel that you need to "fit in". sure, you probably feel awkward around old friends, thats perfectly normal coz u havent met them for a long time. but then you dont have to be all pretentious and be someone ur not, just keep friends that you are comfortable with ey.

on that note, i hope that i too am kept ;-)

Hedaya Ibrahim said...

we're strong people.

axa*baixura said...

sometimes i feel the same way too
mebe that's why i've been quiet
but i guess in the end...
u just have to be positive =]
and just do wtv that makes u happy ! yeap u go man!