Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Happy Ending


Love is such a universal word. You can use it in numerous different kinds of ways. We usually use the word “love” towards something or someone that we truly like or cherish. I can say that I love eating ice-cream and I love being stupid or I love someone. Therefore, usually we mostly use the word “love” to express our feelings.

Eternity Love

They say that when you found someone that expresses the same feelings as you are, you should be the happiest person on earth. Before this, at some extent I believe in it. Here I have a question.

What is the value of the word love to you?

Different people have its different views or values on “love”. So how would we know if they truly mean it when they say the word “love”? I've been thinking for quite sometime on answering that question but as for now, my answer is NONE, you wouldn’t know. Thus, love at this moment to me is a gamble.

Love is a gamble

Gambling is the riskiest game that you would ever play with especially when you include you’re feelings on the line. So what? Don't love? Ignore the feelings in us? Obviously we can't do that right? Maybe yes, maybe no. It depends.


Therefore, it is pretty normal for lovers to end up being haters, allies becomes enemies right? “Love” and “Suffering” is apart of the cycle of life that we have to go through. So, there's nothing to worry about when you’re dumped or you are planning to dump someone.

Does the feeling love remains as people changes?

If your boyfriend or girlfriend doesn't call you, doesn't text you every morning like he/she used to, do they still love you? Can changes within someone change his/her feelings of love?
Changes or alteration is a very dangerous thing. Any lack of love affects relationships. Thus, try to stay the way you are with your loved ones. Because you wouldn't know what would happen or what might happen in your relationships.