Thursday, October 16, 2008


I've been sick for the past i dunno how many days~

From pharmacy to clinic to hospital.

I dunno how many times they took my blood and urine for tests.

I dunno what's my weight now.

I dunno when i can eat ice-cream.

I dunno when i can sleep and wake up happily the next day.

I dunno how many pills i swallowed.

I dunno how long I'm going to stay like this.

All I know is, I want to get out from this pain!!!


reez said...

lookin at d bright side
......kurus bes apa........

Hazwani Hashim said...

Aiman its been so long since we last caught up with each other. May u get well soon.

InsyaAllah will be back end of this year. Please do take care =)

caryn said...

aiman.. hope ur better now..
sorry i didnt kno u were so sick.
really hope ur better.
will call u! hehe.

love u.. =)