Monday, October 6, 2008

Mother-Son Bonding Sessions

Well... I know it’s already Raya, but I was so caught up with stuff until I didn’t even have the time to post it up. Anyhow, I’m still gonna post it up ok. So this post goes way back before Raya ok.

I’ve been my mom’s favourite friend or to be more precise, slave ever since my maid balik to Indonesia. I knew that I eventually have to do all the house chores and I thought it would be fun since I don’t remember when was the last time I ever buat pun. So, let’s call it as Operation Mother-Son Bonding2. We started our kononnye bonding2 session with cooking!! YUP!! Excited gila kot. I always find cooking is interesting as to add some ingredients and wala! Outcome = Tasty + Yummy + Satisfaction. Unfortunately the only thing that I had to do is, cut vegetables!! Masakla sangat. Tapi after a few minutes cutting, rasa-rasanye memotong adalah suatu kerja yg sungguh menyeronokkan. Hahaha seriously, it’s so simple and easy. Okla right? Better than nothing haha

Ceh dengan bangganye amik gamba :D

2nd task, jemur kain + lipat baju. Aduhaiii.... I love jemur kain. It’s fun when you have music to accompany you. Pagi-pagi dah memekak haha, that’s what my mom said. I really don’t like to lipat baju. It’s so time and energy consuming. Sakit belakang plak tuh. Luckily I have my “lipat baju” partner Hanis Sabira Mazlan. My lipat baju routine is more like at 8.00pm, on9, MSN, webcam, lumba2 sape lipat baju lagi cepat hahaha. (hanis main tipu, I have to lipat baju for 4 people ok!)

Pakai boxer k, it's just short. Takpe Hanis tak nampak :p

3rd task, pasang lampu lik-lak. Those shimmery colourful bulb lights that blinks according to own preferences. That’s what my family calls it as lah. Well, technically I didn’t do it as my mom calls her contractor to do it for her. However, one night, when all of us were sitting outside enjoying the windy cold night while watching the lampu lik-lak, she went in da house and came out with the ladder and asked me to naik and tukar da blinking settings. Memang takleh duk diam haha AHHHH stresslaah..

Well, that’s my life ever since my maid went back to Indonesia. Conclusion is, I NEED MY MAID BACK!! COME BACK HERE QUICK BEFORE I DROP DEAD!! My mom is killing me without realising it. Is this how I'm gonna spend my holiday's activity with? waaaaaaaaaaaaa Actually, I don’t think my maid is coming back, cause she asked to raise her pay and that pisses my mom a lot. Hahahahahaha mamposla aku. I more like to think that I'm being Anak yang Soleh for doing all these :)


hanis said...

sgttt soleh! hoho our lipat baju session, how cool is tat! lol

aMiR! said...

kasian! its okay, u need to be rajin a bit anyways! lol!

Leonard said...

Hey I rmb tht picture at the bottom of your page. It looks so familiar that i felt I was the one who capture the shot. AHHAHAHAHA

Cheers !

arriel jackvell said...

gagagaa.. my family called the lampu raya is lik lak (2x) juak... gagaaa.. well, happy workin et home k !

reez said...

u penat ek?
padan muka
soh ur mom carik arr maid baru
lipat baju?
dh boleh jadi bini org nie.......soon masak for me k
selamat raya

hedaya said...


sufya said...

agree wit hedaya!!more like..padan muke!! (btw harimau betina misses u :p)