Saturday, May 2, 2009

Birth Day

Received a phone call from Azhar at 12.30amish telling me that his coming over to talk to me, nothing fishy about it since he does that quite often until I was bashed with snow spray thinggy and pops thinggy! hahaha, after that we went makan at Pak Li. I love to chill there cause of the affordable price and yummylicious food that are offered. Anyways, as I'm already fat than I want to be, I only ate Cendol.You should try the Pak Li's Cendol. It's awesome!

After all that, I slept quite late cause dapat msgs and phone calls from friends wishing me. I thank you for all of the msgs :) pastu tido. Financial Management 202 class starts at 8.00am but I woke up at 8.36am. LOL. Takde masa to dressy2 for my birthday, mandi pun ala kadar je huahua. Luckily I made it la to college. Lepas kelas, had breakfast with Dipica, waited for Ashwin, then straight to The Curve.

At curve, jalan2 tgk2 den masuk Italianese. DAMN! I was suprised by the people who were there. Dipica, Joa, Samra, Ashwin, Flo, Azhar, Anwar, Feeq, Amir and Dalila. LOL.

Dal, Anwar, Me, Azhar, Syafiq

Open your mouth wide Amir! :p

The fure Accountants

Sempat main Basketball at Echo Park

Potpetpotpetpotpet,..... den bday cake time! they made me stand on chair and make a speech. MAD AR?! everybody were looking at me. So embarassing k! Then, I had to blow this Trick Candles that will start again when been put-off. PFFFT! Had a hard time with that one though

Cool right my bday cake? :D

Den we lepak at curve the whole day! Now im so effing tired. Wanna blog abt it bfore I sleep. Oh right bfore i forget, thanx Aliph for the sweet wishes in ur blog post :) I appreciate it a lot kecuali the ending part oh! Anyways, I wanna thank everybody for everything that you guys did. I really2 appreciate it. Thanxxxxxxxxxxxxxx :D :D

Aliph J


kerol izwan said...

you must receiving plenty adiah. jeles2! ;)

Aiman Ariffin said...

nola, biasa2 je :D

thanx kerol!

Aliph said...

auwwww. si tua aiman
well. couldn't agree more

Aiman Ariffin said...

pfft! shadap

JuicyED said...

eyy!!! u left out my msg part!!!
yela,,sebab tak tau my number tak cerita in ur blog la!! i was at CURVE OK the whole time i tgh msg2 ngn u!!!

Aiman Ariffin said...

what?! bodo why never tell me?

dont blame me missy! tak sudah2 tukar number, i oso cannot keep track

dont worry, Hanis call all the way from NZ pun i tak mention

AHHAHAHA thanx edah! i appreciate it!