Sunday, May 3, 2009

Gold Class

As I'm one day older now, Syafiq brought me to watch Wolverine X-Men at Signature The Gardens, Gold Class.
Being such a sweet, he drove all the way from Mid-Valley to pick me up then all the way back to Mid-Valley. hahahaha damn it sure is good to be the
birthday boy everyday. How I wish!!

The last time when I went to Gold Class cinema, honestly, I don't really like it very much cause it's soooo comfy and nice and you wouldn't feel like you're watching a movie but after today, I think that I like it very much. Hahahaha.

Cause, the people who goes for Gold Class probably wants solitude and no disturbance while watching the movie. Those with long legs would find their sittings/sofas very handy and comfy, no need to cramp or give way for people going in and out.

I had such a good time. A good time to end my bday :) thanx Syafiq!! Lain kali nak lagi lolz.

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