Monday, May 18, 2009


For the past few days, I've been so busy and tensed up in completing my assignment. Day and night at the library. Day till Night. Day till Night. By the time I'm home, I could barely have shower then straight to bed. No time to watch T.V, potpetpotpet with friends, even no time to check my mails. Next day, wake up, straight away go library. And there you go again. I'm telling you, it's sooooooo damn tiring. On the day before the assignment's due (which is on Sunday) my hommies and I decided to finish up our assignment at HELP Hostel since library closed.

Kelly + Me, taking a break by cam whoring lol

Surprisingly I saw quite number of Malays around HELP nowadays even at the hostel. Maybe they are scholarships holder, maybe not. I don't know. Not to be racist okay but I think 90% of the population students in HELP University College are Chinese. In my business department, practically I'm the only malay guy for the intake. So it kind of suckslah in away cause the lecturers tend to remember me especially when it comes to the part when they pick on me to answer their questions or use my name in their examples or questions like, Aiman Co. Aiman Enterprise, Aiman this, Aiman that..... PFFTT!!!! but being the only extraordinary one is cool too. LOLOLZ

Dixon + Billy + Kelly

Anyways, that night we decided to makan at Bangsar Shopping Centre(BSC). I've never been to BSC after the massive renovation. It is still under renovation though. Anyways, at first Dixon wanted to eat at this place called House & Company also known as House + Co. It's a really good place. Very well decorated and extremely artsy. Surprisingly I met one of my close Indonesian friend Sartono! LOLZ. Didn't realize him until he called me out loud. From him I found out that the place is still new and currently providing only for breakfast and lunch. PFFT :( how disappointing right? I don't care! One day I'll go and eat there for real lolz. Btw, If you're interested to work part time, you can consider this place as an option for you to work since they in need of staffs. House + Co, level 3, BSC. if you require more info just ask me aite :)

Sartono doing his thing :)

Moving on, then we went to makan at Alexis. The place can be considered very classyla but I find it really sempit and I hate the chairs. It's sooooooo sophisticated hahaha. I guess I don't go along with techno stuff. Ordered fish and chips. Well, I find it biasa je. Nothing so special about it except for the price. I think most of the food are overly priced. Well, I don't know. Maybe if your eat cakes there would be more satisfactory. KOT. hahaha. I don't know.

Me + Kelly at Alexis while the boys went smoking

After that, went back to HELP hostel. Continue until 11.30pm. Since I'm such a lazy bumbum, so lazy to drive, I asked Amir to pick me from home :) (thanx Amir) then in the car otw back home, we talked about various shit serious stuff. I mean serious stuff like our future, our goals, our wants and needs. Talking to Amir made me realize that theres so much things to think about and you just don't know what will happen. It's too vague..... sighhhh....... I worry too much.

Meet Amir, the health freak

On the day itself, 18th May 2009. I was sooo stressed up. Seriously. I nearly gave up. Banyak lagi benda nak kena buat with so little time. Whatever it takes I still need to send the assignment before 5.00pm sharp. By the time 4.45pm I was still writing. Lari to the photostat shop to print out the front cover, bibliography, spreadsheet. Lari, lari, lari, pastu hantar. nasib sempat Alhamdulillah.

Sumpah time ni stress nak mampos

I did'nt even realize my friend took this picture. I like it though :p

Oh btw, I had a haircut. I cannot stand my hair being all fluffy puffy so I had it volume.

lolz nothing different right?

After passing up the assignment, instead of going home I went to visit the twins at their Pelangi Condo. I sure miss them a lot. I helped them spring clean their house and after that we had dinner at Al-Safa.

Oh Syafiq will be moving in with them nxt month :)


syazaza ;] said...

what busy days...
college life is like this ehh?

gerun XD

Aiman Ariffin said...

hoho yes. Brace urself later. U shud enjoy ur life in school. U will miss it

kerolizwan said...

waa..stress nyer bace your entry this time. trust me. i used to have the same situation as yours..tapi one thing i takleh lupe....sOOo embarassing!

my fav habit is tido in library. at some point i penah mengigau kat library which like OMG...............malu gilerrr....masa tu sorang2...too bad my friend takde...

then tersedar tgk sume orang2 kat library staring at me...and...serious malu gilerrrr siot!!!!!!!!!!!!!

moral of the story:

Aiman Ariffin said...

LOL! really??? but I always tido at da library! hahahahaa..... cant help it lah. lolz maybe a nap not sleep i guess hahaha

hana@Bella said...

U still got myspace i ker??
Npe i xleh cari ms u???
Anyway, 30 may nie gathring group i..
Incase you free that day, why dont we can meet up??
Dh kwan lame,tpi xpnah nmpak btang hdung!!
Klo ilang,add i blik..??

Aliph said...

don't u think ur lecturer regocnize u by ur head
hey, its good to hear that ur assigment fullishly DONE
errr... fullishly?

Aiman Ariffin said...

huh? ntahla, ada lagi kot cause i never delete anyone in ms pun lolz

will think abt it cause im having finals anytime soon :(

Aiman Ariffin said...

shadap aliph. geeezzz. fullishly or foolishly? haha cis!

yeah now i can relax for a bitla bfore start studying for finals :)