Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I think I have problem at managing my time cause I'm ALWAYS LATE! I was supposed to attend for this conference thinggy on "Financial Crisis" at 10.00am, HELP uni Main Block but I went at 11.00am. Aishhh..... missed the introduction part and the talk by 1 hour, but I managed to catch every bodies attention when I entered the room though :) (suke tol) however sadly, I was under dress tak sempat nak dressy2 sume, pakai sarung je apa yang nampak.

Ok. The whole point of todays blog post definitely not gonna be about me being bad at managing my own time ya. Anyways, moving on.........

Although I don't understand what the hell the speaker was trying to say, but I did get the gist of the storyla ada guna jugak aku pegi huhu. Basically it's about

Recession + stimulus = Stable economy.

Talking about recession, yeah! tell me about it! everytime when I ask for extra money $$$ from Daddy, he would go "recession! recession! recession! need to save money!" so the word "recession" is like a killer to me and I hate it a lot (DIE RECESSION DIE!!). Hahaha I always tell him "but Daddy, I always smell money comes in and smell money goes out bak pepatah best friendku hahaha" nasib tak kena lempang masa tu hihihi.

But then again, cause of recession, the price for branded goods decreases like hell, which is a good thing right??? hehehe :D buttttttttt Malaysia belom lagi merasa recession ni. So the prices sama je, tak turun tak naik, mahal nak mampos. So I suggest you fly somewhere to obtain cheap branded goods :) Maybe in 2 to 3 years time kot baru sampai Malaysia. I dunno. Tak sabar plak recession melanda Malaysia huhuhu. However, I'm pretty surprised that our Gov is still cool with it. Telling white lies about our economy is fine, assuring the people not to panic, make sure to spend money so the economy will keep on flowing, no problem, Malaysia Boleh! Bagus sangatla tu. I want to see how they gonna handle this.

To me, recession is even worse than a terrorist attack. It's coming people!! A number of workers are losing their jobs. Some companies offer their employees to work only 4 days in a week so that they can avoid throwing their workers. Some companies totally SHUT DOWN or declare bankruptcy. Did you know that 40% of the Gov's revenue comes from PETRONAS? Do you know how badly we're dependent on Oil as our main sources of funds? What if the price for oil drops? (although the possibility for it occurring is pretty low but I think we should not look down on it) Aishh........ I think, the Gov should stop pretending being all macho and start thinking on measures to counter this recession as soon as possible because by the time I graduate, tak pasal2 tak dapat keje bila balik Malaysia nanti and I don't plan on working at Aussie.

Note for the Gov: If you already have the idea to handle the problem then START MAKING A MOVE!! before it's too late. Look at what other countries like China, watch the chinese handle the problem. Aishhh stress stress stress stress stresss as for me, I have other things to worry about. WaAyyYy scarrier than recession. Two papers on the 8th and one paper on the 15th. FINALS!

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RyZ4L said...

Interesting!! :D
Luv d sentence structures..
huhu :)
btw..i did wrote sumthing about recession at my blog..hoho (february entry)! d WORST scenario..try take a look on it if u have time yeah :D it will hopefully change ur feeling on hoping Malaysia to face this prob really soon..mati woooo~~ hahaha...anyhow..luv ur entry~ all of it :D gud luck exam mister :)

Aiman Ariffin said...

lololz, thanx :)

i appreciate it. Oh ok2 i go read on it and will let u know haah :D

Aliph said...

omg! congratulation aiman
1st boring entry in your blog
i just stunt by it

addition: even price of branded goods does not go thru the recession but i am sure ppl nowadays RECESS a lot man.... since someone came late for that conference

syazaza ;] said...

erk naik juling mata baca >_<

kerolizwan said...

tapi MAS ticket murah giler sangat2 murah skang ni. what should i do? LOL

Aiman Ariffin said...

aliph, only immature kids like u wudnt understand this blogpost hahaha

shadappp...... at least i got the spotlight

Aiman Ariffin said...

haha syazaza, ure too young to unduerstand kot :D

Aiman Ariffin said...

kerol, MAS is scaredla since nobody travels anymore cause they wanna save money.

THIS IS THE TIME!! use it to the fullest! hahaha

awrml said...

ohoii! lmew ta nmpk.
haha lol =p

Aiman Ariffin said...

lama tak nampak??

hanis said...

hmm i had something to say altho i cant remember..
oh tats rite, i wanted to make a comment abt u saying u dont wanna work in aussie
personally i hope u wil reconsider that n keep an open mind abt ur job opportunities.. nothing to d w the fact im planning to work in aussie, lol!

Aiman Ariffin said...

ooohhhh righttt, i totally forgot abt that but no worries babe
my working permit is included in my Visa :D