Friday, May 8, 2009


Mummy and Abang balik kampung for the weekend and Daddy hardly stays at home cause he is busy with his work and so I have the house all to meself :D tee hee~

Well, being alone at home means practically I can do whatever I want right? and It's so peaceful! I don't need to hear Mummy nags all the time about how messy my room is (it's a room mom, you're suppose to mess it up and do whatever you like. Yeah, I know it's good to keep it clean but not ALL THE TIME) Not forgetting how annoying Abang can be especially when his having his mood swings. Just hearing his voice already annoys me to the max.

Kakak, Daddy, Kak Id (soon to be sister in-law) Mummy and Me during Abang's engagement day

I know I talk a lot. Not just a lot, I mean really a lot but again theres this part of me that loves peace and solitude :) and so I thought I could get all that this weekend ,...... but yeah, expect the unexpected.

Daddy is being wayyyyy clinggy than he used to be. He can't even feed for himself. He can call me from home and suh beli nasi. Me being far away from home at college with assignments that I need to settle, can say bz la kan lol kena pegi beli food for him to eat. Padahal his at home doing nothing, prolly shake legs. Aish............

Abang and his poyoness

Oh right, I'm not gonna miss this part. Before I went out to watch movie at Gardes last night, Daddy can tell me to come home early cause his alone at home, lonely, want somebody to teman him. So much of solitude and peace right? I never knew Daddy can be SOOO clinggy and I think Mummy is wayyyyyyy dependent than her husband.

Mummy, ada arabic features tak?

Anyways, recently I had a conversation with me hommies about the rich and the poor. More on like the rich with their egos while the poor with their shallowness. It all started when I was at 7-11, queueing to pay for my stuffla. At first ada this minah cut me but thats ok since I'm being me a gentlemanla kan :) naah, don't worry about it. I can let it slide this time. And then again ada this mamat tried to cut me, mmg jangan harap ar bro. Then, this question popped up in my mind "Does wealth has anything to do with courtesy or manners?" I mean, even orang dulu pun tahu nak beradab dan bersopan. What do you need to be a well-mannered person? the environment? knowledge? Well I think this stuff must come within yourself you know. How you see yourself as a person and how you were raised. I think. I don't know.

This picture? saje je, I like it LOL


awrml said...

haha bilik.

Aiman Ariffin said...


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Aliph said...

ceh. how clingy r u to complaint.
even my father wud call me for company if he is alone
n ur brother? wow! i heared his voice b4 but ur sounds more annoying
tell me bout him more n more
(sarcastic accent)

Aiman Ariffin said...

hmmmphh finee..

WHAT?! I sound annoying to u?

fineeee dont need to hear me anymorelah. As easy as dat.

Lolz, ure tricks wont work on me how I did on u ok hahaha

hanis said...

tsk tsk aiman, arent u a meanie, i wud go bck happily if my dad says he nits company n hes lonely, prob is, i cannot imagine my dad ever wanting my company... LOL! think hes glad to haf us out of his hair most of the time..
and im interested in hearing abt ur views on manners n courtesy n whether wealth has anything to do with it.. i dont believe thr is, i believe it has alot to do w good parenting skills,social bckground, environment etc.. msians are generally rude ppl if u think abt it.. regardless whether ure fr a rich or poor family.. of coz, not all msians are like tat lah

Aiman Ariffin said...

lolz, i dont blame ur dad hanis. Seriously i dont blame him haha

yeah! tell me abt it! for once i agree with u. Some ppl can be really rude doesnt matter rich or poor