Sunday, May 10, 2009

I'm Sorry

I understand that there are some problems and I am not too blind to know all the pain you kept inside you even though you might not show. If I can apologize for being wrong then it’s just a shame on me I’ll be the reason for your pain and you can put the blame on me.

Into each life there comes a time when you must pay your lovers' dues. I know I was wrong for treating you the way I did but I have so much on my mind. I didn’t know where you fit in and I thought I already said that to you. If I could do it all over again, I’ll never let you get your ways, I'll never let you move into me.

I’m sorry that I ever did it to you, that I ever made you cry.

Lastly, I'm sorry that I can't break down in tears.


kerolizwan said...

are you okay?

Aiman Ariffin said...

I dont know.

I feel............ nothing

kerolizwan said...

what does that mean?
chill ouT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
happy mappy!

hanis said...

dont let the guilt eat u up, u did the rite thing

Aiman Ariffin said...


lolz i need some timelah :)

thanx for ur concern though

Aiman Ariffin said...

i know, im trying though

ariana keren said...

Never seen such melancholic post of urs O.o;

whatever, be happy, kkkk~

Aiman Ariffin said...

lolz, ull see from time to time

thanx :)