Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The ups and The downs

Finally I'm done with my FIN 202 assignment 2 !! Honestly I think this is the worst assignment I ever prepare in my entire life. Gila stress kot buat assignment ni. I googled the word "credit risk", open wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (my bestfriend when it comes to assignment), read, copy, paste and the most stressing part ever is when I have to think on how to change the whole sentence into my own words without changing the meaning. I stare... staree... stresss.. stress.. hmmm.... welll.... okk....well...................I..............think there's nothing much to change.............................................................................. WAKE UP AIMAN! isn't that plagiarism??? Bila dah frust and takleh fikir da, the first person I would call is Dipica. I call her, "potpetpotpetpotpet tiredla, I don't know how to do, potpetpotpetpotpetpotpet, okla I continue dola." bila da puas complain, I sit infront of my laptop again. Stresssssssss balikkkkkkkkk. At the end of the day, copy paste je. Syukur Alhamdulillah dah habis and hantar already. fuuh~

A good rest finally

Random Facts about Aiman: I don't know about you but do you sing and dance while driving + listening to the music? I do. hahaha. At this one time, near the curve. Standardlakan on the way to Kota Damansara jam nak mampos. I hate it there. Anyways, as usual me being myself, grooving to the music macam tak ingat dunia dance dance dance goyang sana sini without noticing there were a whole bunch of chinese guys in the car next to mine. Sedar2 sume dok pandang aku kot! but the coolest part is when the driver gave me two thumbs up. HAHAHAHAhahahahahahaahah.... Den I gave the peace sign terus ciou hahahahahaha.
(senang je nak buat Aiman happy)

Camwhoring is a MUST DO when u're stuck in a traffic

Sometimes I wonder, when am I gonna drop all this crap and pursue on my destiny to be a versatile singer. HAHAHAHAHA. Shaddap! everyone can sing ok! It's just I feel that my heart and soul belongs to music. I mean think about it, I can't play any musical instrument but I believe that my one and only musical instrument is my voice. ................................................................
Ignore that. I'm just being stupid. Hahahahah

Kempunan nak karoeke dowh~

Baru je look at myself at the mirror, I don't think I'm fat. Aliph said that I have a skinny body with a fat face. Babi giler kan? Naah it's okay, I bet he is dying at UITM Melaka now. hahahahahaha. The latest thing I heard about him is, he wants to go home. HAhhaahhahaa.
Hope his ok there though.


I have friends that drinks, do drugs, party. Not gonna say bad things about them cause I don't consider myself as a good Muslim either although I don't drink, I don't do drugs, but I party though! :D Honestly, I don't care what you wanna do cause that's between you and Allah S.W.T but when you come and tell me that you don't believe in Islam and lost your faith already, then that's a big issue. "WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU?!?!?!" Buatla apa nak buat but never NEVER never say that you've lost your faith.

Fafa, Aiman, Amir, Nini

Miri Babey!


kerolizwan said...

i do the same! tadi baru head tak berapa banging lagu hating on the club rihanna. and who cares kot. kete kite kan. LOL

and i'm kempunan gak for karaoke at the moment. takde masa maaa~


ariana said...

i can imagine u on the way home on such traffic jam dancing like like crazy after the assignment some more. haha. naff said xD

Aiman Ariffin said...

kerol hahaha exactly

bagus2 i guess im not a weirdo lah :D

Aiman Ariffin said...

hahaha ariana, u know me right?

:D happy happy happy!

syazaza ;] said...

mesti best naik kete ngan aiman >_<

hanis said...

lol ure an idiot u kno tat.. im glad those chinese boys appreciate idiots...
aiman as ur bestfriend, i think u shud drop all this acct crap n pursue ur dreams in becoming a versatile singer, i mean, thts why we haf AF n malaysian idol rite?for young undercovered talents such as urself? lol lol!
sian aiman, nnt i balik we puas2 karaoke k?

Aiman Ariffin said...

syazaza : haha best giler kot. Tak yah gi karoeke. dlm kete sudey :D

Aiman Ariffin said...

hahahaha shuttup. Me? AF? u mad?! hahahaha never ok. I rather start hard.

Like u make any difference Hanis. Ure my bestfriend who story tell abt berak

only idiots can come up with that

Aliph said...

hey aiman
fyi. im not in the uitm
im in matric
lol. i wanna go home
take me home!!!!!!!!

Aiman Ariffin said...

woah! im surprised to see u commenting on my blog wei. haha

update blog sendiri pun tak kan?

dont be a baby!