Saturday, June 20, 2009



I used to be a child that blames others at every single thing that went wrong in life. Not getting good grades in exams, blame teacher for setting the paper too difficult. Not good in badminton, blame the coach for being sooo bad at teaching. Not close to friends and family, blame the internet. Not being able to buy some stuff, blame the dad. Fell in the drain, blame the authorities for their recklessness GOSH!! Damn, emo rite? hahaha but now when I think about it kan, "blame" is a really bad bad bad word. Not in the meaning of an insult but as for an excuse to run away. Usually people would blame somebody or something else for their mistakes, just to prove others that they are innocent and for the sake of making themselves feel much better from the whole situation. In other words, being in denial.

Lets take an examplelah ok. Why people blame parents when they come across a very rude or indecent person? Nampak je perempuan merokok "ishh... mak ayah dia tak kesah ke?" apa2 jela yang people trash talk, parents would be the first person to be blamed. It could be true. Since they are the people who's responsible in shaping their children's inner self. Couldn't agree more about that. But can you just simply put it that way? Can you?

As for me, I can't. I think that no matter how rude or indecent or disrespectable that person can be, it's no one's fault but them. No one else but themselves. Because, whatever actions that you do, it's your call. No one else. The outcome of your decisions is for you to deal with. Not anyone else. I'm not saying that people should NEVER blame on others but It would be nice if everybody can consider in looking within themselves first before happily pointing fingers on others. That's all. What do you think Aiman's Deciphers? What say you?



Cai Hong said...

when we get B for moral subject,people wil think we dont instil moral vale.But the fact is that there is not relation betweein moral practical and theory:)

yea if a kid did wrong,people wil put da blame on parent.
Take a look at KARANGAN or essay

Faktor remaja terlibat dlm kancah masalah,one of da fact is peraan ibu bapa.Mayb its mindset of people thinking like that:0


Aiman Ariffin said...

thats exactly what ive been trying to say :)

thanx Cai Hong. That shows im not the only one thinks that way too