Thursday, June 18, 2009

Place in My heart

Aishh penatnye saya. I just finish typing out a draft copy of a tenancy agreement for my mom. She actually force me to type out a freaking 3 pages long of bosaness( tenant,landlord,blabla) sungguh bosan I'm telling you. I malas delay my work so I kinda habiskan already. Thank God.

I was suppose to go out with Farhan today but dunno what happenlah. Prolly he is not feeling very well since he texted me yday his feeling a bit feverish. It's the weather I'm telling you. Hot and Hazy. The best combination of disaster to health. From what I heard, It'll go on for 3 months. So brace yourself Malaysians! Drink more H20 water :)

Today, I went for branch with my bestest buddies Hanis & Syahida at 12.30pmish (branchla sangat) Punyala malas all of us to bangun. I bangun pun cause my maid wanted to mop and vacuum my room.

Future Dentist

We ate at dunno whats the place called already at 1utama. Pretty goodlah. I ate pasta and it cost me only for Rm8.99. Cheap right? I know...! I thought I should spend my money wisely for today since I bought myself this so hot Koreanish bag from SEED and Aliph loves it a lot. Nasib dia tak beli sama lol, but actually he wants it too at the end he didnt. Such a prideful child :p

Future Security Software Analyst

Moving on, after branch I went to pick clothes from the Laundry shop. Since most of Zara's goods kena dry clean so dengan malasnye had to send them to the Laundry shop. It costs me a total of Rm 100 ok! blardy hell mahal kot. I sed to the owner of the shop "pandai tol you buat business eh auntie lol" it's ok. I bet she wouldnt dare say anything bad since my moms a regular hahaha.

Jeremy Quah, Ahmad Aiman, Caryn Koh, Edhuan Ismail

After that, I pegi amik Sleng then met WyJin at Taman Mayang field. FYI 5 years ago, WyJin and I carved our names on a tree at the field. I know it's wrong but I dunno wth I was thinking at that timelah. Simply sedap hati je vandalise the tree hahaha. Surprisingly it's still there!! It's been like......... 5 yearsss 5 years already and I still remember vividly on that day. Time really flies huh.

Future Psychologyst

Then we went to WyJin's house to meet the mother. Apparently the mom not feeling very well for some private various issues. Lepas tu we lepak at Subway Centrepoint. The whole point of the meet up is cause WyJin would be moving to Kuala Terengganu to further his studies in 3rd Year Medicine since UCSI the U that his studying twin their practical at a hospital there.

Magical Tree + Future Accountant + Future Doctor

I hate goodbyes. I'm bad at it. So I hate it. It's been good meeting the both of them again. They were like my pillars of strength back then in highschool and still standing strong :) Although all of us follows our own different paths or roads but we always attempt to reach for each other regardless what shithole we're in. I love u guys and you will always always have a place in my heart.

I miss you guys terribly :(
Sleng, Caryn, Sjiun, Me, Azhar


kerolizwan said...

what a coincidence!
you could've warn me earlier so i post the entry late
nevermind then
at least we both know tonight was a bit emo la kot for both of us

Anonymous said...

juz wanna stand corrected..there's no such thing as 'blardy hell'..'blard' is not even listed in the dictionary, dude!
Bloody hell!

Aiman Ariffin said...

lol so true kerol. so true, cudnt agree more :)

Aiman Ariffin said...

obviously im not dumb enuff to not know how to spell bloody hell instead of blardy hell. Its just a way of my own writing. lol. thanx for the tip though but i know what im writing haha

CarynBear said...

sob. so true.
love you too aiman.
i sudah balik! nex week, lets meet.
i don have phone yet =p

Aiman Ariffin said...

omg! yes pls, do call me ASAP. I miss uuuuu

Aiman Ariffin said...

omg! yes pls, do call me ASAP. I miss uuuuu

reez said...

no matter how many friends we have in uni
or maybe when u start working later on
these frens u made at highschool
are just irreplaceable kan.....
i had my set of friends at highschool..
we seldomly meet now
miss those moments