Sunday, June 14, 2009

Double Trouble

I just cudn't stop myself from writing this post hahaha.

Awhile ago, I think I just got hit by a train. It's like I received a letter from no one else, but me.

In the letter, it goes like:
Dear Aiman, I told you so. Both of us know that you ask for it. Asking for trouble trouble trouble. Now look at urself, what did you get yourself into.

LOL! I knew it all along lah. I'm asking for a double trouble but I think I needed a distraction from life at the moment that's why I acted without thinking first. The thing is, It was supposed to be a game, but I think I kinda went over board. LOL. I find it very amusing at the same time silly. So now I'm facing the consequences. No pain No gain right? hahaha Anyhow, I'm too lazy to be bothered with myself lah.

Life is like a dick, when it get's hard, JUST FUCK IT!!

2moro would be my last paper and it's the toughest. I'm fucked. Seriously. I'll just try my best I guess. LOL! I need more than that actually. Anyways, adios amigos!


kerolizwan said...

you posted this entry at 7:47 me!!!!
go figure~

goodluck with your paper tomorrow!

Aiman Ariffin said...

lolz why? how? i dunooo

thanx kerol! i need it!

DaNnY oCeaN said...

cool entry...
i'm definitely going to use this quote " Life is like a dick, when it get's hard, JUST FUCK IT!!"...


anyhow... gudluck for your exam.. do your best.. Lets us know the good news after this.. (:

owh... U've been tagged btw... hahahahahaha.. lol...