Monday, June 15, 2009



Exams Over! Finally :D :) Yayyyy. Aishhh the ugliest part about exams is what it can do to your body at the end of it. My biological clock is totally off. Pimpels popping out here and there. Unbalanced and unhealthy food intake, which result in poor appetite. Over dosage of coffee addict and you tend to get addicted then soon your body will be immune to caffeine. Aishhh... I hate it a lot. Starting 2moro, I'm gonna start, self work out operation session lols. I can do this!

Work out Boy!

Since I have nothing to do, I keep myself occupied by browsing through friends pictures in facebook & myspace. I feel envious when I look at most of em. They have such good lifes. So much fun. Nothing to worry about. Friends around them up, down, left, right, every where. Basically they are the centre of attention. Everybody loves attention right? Who doesn't? Nobody wants to be the last one man. Honestly, I do feel that way too. Ok, maybe I do WANT to be the centre of every ones attention at times.


But when I think about it again, I ask myself, What for Aiman? Why do you need to go to that extend just to be happy? Why can't you be happy from what you have at e moment? You definitely would not wanna be some one else just to get the attention also not gonna go all out to show every one that you're a fun person to talk to, to hang out with, to chat with. Someone that anyone can talk to when their alone. Someone to be there. A shoulder to cry on. Anything.

A shoulder to lean on

I don't need to. Importantly I don't want to. Absolutely not. I'm happy with what I have. So what should I do now? Easy, just live my own life how I want it to be. Makes best from what I have and start appreciating each and every single one of them. . . . . :D
Be positve! Just like how a friend of mine always tell me. You know who you are ;) LOL. :D



JuicyED said...

YEAY!!! tumpang gembira..see you later!!

syazaza ;] said...

everyone loves attention!!!
its human nature XD

but yeah, be thankful with ur current life now and don't be envious with other >_<

Aiman Ariffin said...

haha babe! upload da pics, and yes u have to follo us go joggin

Aiman Ariffin said...

syazaza, haha yeap cudnt agree more :)

kerolizwan said...

spotted under the limelight..!!!

be natural


Aiman Ariffin said...

LOLZ! so true!!

Cai Hong said...

i do love attention but just for temporary

permanent is nono to me,mayb ahahaha

Aiman Ariffin said...

lol, really?? well thats really good for you. Some people just dont know how to control it