Thursday, June 11, 2009


As usual, my daily routine would be to study at HELP hostel since I kinda gave up studying at the library. Too many people = too many distraction. So my friends and I decided to make HELP hostel as our next rendezvous point to study. "Say bye bye to library".

Today, Dipica received a call from Joaquim. Joa said that shes having a rough time deciding what to get for herself as an exchange for her birthday shoe. FYI, we bought Joa a shoe for her bday but unfortunately it didnt fit her. Sigh! So we kinda need to get her something else at Parkson. Nasib baek the customer service people allow us to exchange although the duration for the return item dah expire.

So Dipica and I went to go 1utama to help her. At the same time Billy gave me his car key cause he wanted me to take his stuff in his car. Instead of using my car, I took Billy's car for a spin. LOL. Slamber je. At 1utama, we finally found something that Joa like but it cost us extra since its more expensive from the previous item. Whateverlah, as long as she loves it cukup. Then we went to ROMP to buy Billy's cardigan since he loves it so much. Pfft! On the way back, I bought coffee to boost my wakeupness? haha.

Me + Billy's stress reliever lol.

I was kinda worried when we reached HELP hostel cause Billy might see us while smoking outside, fortunately he didn't :D . Tapi masa I park his car, we got busted cause he saw us when he was checking out the weather. DAMN! but it was alrightlah. He tak kisah pun. Hehe

Later for dinner, me and Dipica went makan at Cafe Mesra. The most fav restaurant for Indonesians maybe cause the food there very Indonesian like. There we met Ariana, Jero, Sartono and not to forget Errin! It's been ages since I've seen her. She went back Indo, now only balik. Chit chat, potpetpotpet. Kenyang already, me and Dipica bid farewell den we balik Hostel continue study. On the way back, Dixon call bgtau that they want to eat burger. Pfft! they can just go buy themselves kot cause the burger stall is like what? 3 minutes walk from Hostel? Aiyah, not a big deal neeways so beli burger for them. Then study balik.


Yesterday, finally! selama ni duk mengidam2 nak maen badminton finally is over! Kelly actually went over to Taman Megah just to book us the court. Thanx Kelly :D you're such an Angel. I had so so so much fun. Kelly terer kot maen badminton. Apparently she goes for training so... nowonderlah (ceh cari alasan oni hehe). After the game, we went for minum2 at Ming Tien. Just right behind the court. Then we went back home.

Billy + Me + Kelly + Dixon

Joa + Dipica our supporters? lol

Oh right, at one time, we were makaning at Secret Recipe. The whole bunch of us, Dipica, Kelly, Billy, Dixon and Amir. Then I realized that I left my PSP at HELP hostel and I terus tell em that I'm gonna go walk back. It's not that far and I don't mind walking anyway. I LOVE to walk but then Dixon insisted to drive me there. After I bising2 to him no need to trouble himself, blablabla, yadida yadida, instead of listening to me, he just went off to the car without saying a word. PFFT. First time meeting such a stubborn fella like him. Thnk God I found my PSP. I left it on the table just like that :s damn clumsy right? After that we went back to Secret Recipe. Thanx Dixon :D

Dixon Wong Kit Seng LOL

God.... this is my life at e moment man. And yes, this is my life on Saturday and Sunday too!! Cepatla habis exammm!! Anyways, I gtg go continue study now. I'm gonna stay up till 6am cause I need to wake Kelly, Billy, Dixon and Amir up to study for their QBM 201 exam 2moro. Since I'm not taking it, I'll just do them a favor lah to be their ALARM BOY. haha. Enough of blabbinggggg.........

I realized that, I really really really am fortunate to found them. Billy, Dixon, Kelly, Amir and Dipica. They are bunch of down to earth people that I'm so grateful to have them as my friends.


ikanbilis said...

i'm not sure if you found my blog first, or i found yours first but thanks for the comment. you go to HELP? awesomeness. a whole bunch of friends are doing psycho and another is doing IT. what do you do there?

Leonard said...

Hmm maybe i should start studying in HELP hostel too. *laugh*

Sure damn alot of chix there kan ?

Aiman Ariffin said...

lol doesnt matter right ikanbilis? yap ure right, most of em buat psycho but im taking accountancy and finance

Aiman Ariffin said...

lol leonard, yes u shud. But no hot chixla bro. Betul2 hardcore study haha

ikanbilis said...

love your writing, and i shall frequent more. =)

Aiman Ariffin said...

r u serious? nobody ever tell me they love my writing bfore. gee thanx :D i appreciate it a lot

kerolizwan said...

speaking bout taman megah,
i was wondered about an hour there just to find the william

and finally i realized, i was confuse between taman mayang and taman megah!

silly me!

da la lapa...
pusing2 court trus nak muntah


Aiman Ariffin said...

lol! yeke? kesian u. dekat je lolz