Tuesday, June 9, 2009

"Move SuperMan! AiMan is here!!"

During the day would be the time when problems don't bother me at all, not even a bit, seriously, maybe cause I'm surrounded by my friends and they kinda provide protection for me but when it comes at night, when I'm alone, lonely & tired, that would be the best time for thoughts to crawl in me.

- Emo -

Then I'll get all emo and moody. Since I always blog at night, that would be the best reason why I think my blog been in a state of depression lately? all the time? hahaha. But the main reason why I blog at night is because I usually evaluate events happened on the day. As in, I actually take the time to reflect back what happened and take what I can get with me.

Ariana Susilo + Aiman + Jefry Romeo

Billy + Me trying hard to understand

Honestly, I've been emo for the past few days cause of exams I think. I was soooo freakking stressed about it. It wasn't enough you know? All that preparation, all that midnight oil, all that stay at library, all that group study, the amount of coffee intake to stay up, serious shit wei. I really worked sooooo hard for it but after the exam, I don't think it's enough. URGH!!!

Starbucks my bestfriend who keeps me awake all the time

Anyways, lets go back to the topic earlier. I think, right now. I can say that I can handle it. I think I'm through that phase. That "Emo & Lonely" phase. Enough of being clinggy, it's time to stand tall and be strong. I know I can do this soooo GO GO GO AIMAN! you can do it!

"Move SuperMan! AiMan is here!!"


Aizat said...

Stress is good sometime..
It makes you stay alert and don't fool around with the unimportant stuff and drive you to focus on the main agenda in this main time..

Anyhow, don't bother to just rock out with you pals since to many stress might blow you up!

Aiman Ariffin said...

lol, i guess so. Thanx :)