Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Fotress of Solitude

Fotress of Solitude

When life gets tangled up with too many conflicts with people, I tend to get so miserable. Hey, who doesn't right? Especially when it gets out of your hand, unreachable to control it any longer, and your mind gets sooooo messed up, that's the worst scenario that can ever happen. Oh right, not to forget the sleepless nights that you'll have and people would prolly not want to talk to you cause of your zombie/vampire looking face. The best immediate action that I would do is to sit down and think what the hell is going on. After that, I'll get up and take at least one step back from the whole mess, of course, I would prefer to take more than once obviously. Dengar mcm senang je kan? ambik satu langkah ke belakang. hahaha sounds funny. Yeah, it is easy but it will need a lot of courage to do that.

"The further you're away from trouble the better it is"

However, when I do that a lot, by all means I have the tendency to be away from the crowdlakan. In other words, alone. Ask yourself, "do you spend time alone?". Most of my friends said "No. It's like no life bro!!" As for me, you need time for yourself. You see, most of the time you're overwhelmed with your work, studies or things that dominate most of your time in life. So there will be at a point in life where you just need to stray away just a little bit to pull yourself back together and stabilize yourself. I believe that giving time for yourself is the answer that I could think of for that.

This is what I do for myself. read books.

Besides, I think that being alone is somehow related with the process of adulthood. Your family and friends can't and won't be there for you all the time. It is what adult is all about. I think. Nevertheless, giving yourself too much time pun tak bagus jugak. So you gotta manage between the both of them. Life is all about balance. The Yin & Yang. Try it. You'll be surprise with the result.