Friday, July 10, 2009

Move with the Beat

Move with the Beat

Life's been hectic at the moment. Ever since Kelly joins in Celebrity Fitness I've been really semangat to work out nearly everyday. I'll try to make use of it as much as possiblelah since I'm paying for the gym fees by myself which cost me RM149 per month and seriously, It's driving me insane!! I don't know how long I can keep up saving money but I'll try my best lolol.

So anyways, I always wanted to join the classes being held at the studio but I held myself back, cause I want someone else to join in with me. Maybe I didn't want to look like a fool all by myself there that's why I need someone kot wahaha nolah nolah don't angry k Kelly? probably It would be more fun if my friends tag along with me.

Fly away fats! Fly far far far away~ hehehe

Moving on! Our first class together at the studio was Hip Hop by Luciano. I had so much fun! from laughing at my hideous dance moves, to stressing on memorizing the steps, to smiling at Luciano while he check our moves. Hahahaha, I bet I'm a big disappointment to him but who cares?! I enjoyed myself.

Just a lil bit more!

Well, everybody can dance right? it's a matter of how well or how sharp your moves are. One thing for sure that I know of, dancing definitely not easy. It really needs your full concentration to memorize the steps and then applying it is another problem, if you're good enough, improvies it and make it your own then you'll stand out among the rest of em. Penat nak mampos kot! although it's only 1 hour but at the end of it I was already dying hahaha. Practically Luciano taught us 4 sets of steps and then he'll combine all of em at the end of it and trust me, we looked sooooo good moving all together hahahaha cehwah perasan tol.

Finally, I had a good experience! Crap! look at the time now! I better make my move or else I'll be late for the body combat that Kelly loves to go for. Mamposla, now oso whole body aching already. I'm so gonna be fit!! Just wait and see :)


JuicyED said...

sexy gila gamba!! kalah i....nanti i post my own pic in my undeis je mcm!!!!
reading ur blog makes me feel so so so blooody lefted out.
i nak quit working n go enjoy smapai mampus. lol...

Aiman Ariffin said...

hahaha tau takpe. my blog. my suke hati ;D learning from u la

dats what ive been telling u, join celebrity fitness. confirm will have fun with me :DDD

kery said...

Go Aiman..!!
Work out harder...
Do u do weight lifting? Plus, eat a lot dude...sumbat sume mknan dlm mulut...kasi berisi sikit...hahahah

Aiman Ariffin said...

ya man! working out is fun and addictive as well haha

eat? erkkk... i hardly eat. Im trying to get rid of the fats first while gymmin and not eating :)

Aliph said...

aiman. i dont read ur entry yet
but wtf with the pic
r u in soft porn industry
just kidding
trying to beat me eh =]

Anonymous said...

Kelly's here.I read everything XP OMG you still have time to blog before meeting me? Yet, I was still late. = =

We'll go for Body Combat ONEDAY, n worries =) take care

Aiman Ariffin said...

shadap! its my blog! so what? haha
but im happy mappy with me body now a bit :) ehehehehe
i cant beat u cause ure already a porno superstar hahaha

Aiman Ariffin said...

YES! after dat i dozed off ZZZZzzzz.... hahaha

yes we shud! and i hate u for going back spore!

Kelly said...

Don't hate me oi!! I'll bring you goodies from SG!

Love me! hee hee

Aliph said...

i read it =]
well obviously dance is not easy
that time i dance with my love in the room
its a slow dance so i keep the flow la
hip hop is more to freestyle~

t a u f i k said...

a good start!
keep ur spirit by coming to ur classes. ;p

reez said...
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reez said...

i need to shed like plenty of kilograms lar.
i join celebrity fitness-kita senam skali
x arr segan sgt

Aiman Ariffin said...

Kelly: hahaha it depends on the goodies that ull be bringing from SG :)

Aiman Ariffin said...

Aliph: hah? so the earlier comment u just saw the pics? not the content? pfft, btw nothing is easy bro, Hip Hop is tougher than it looks

Aiman Ariffin said...

Taufik: yeah i know! i hafta keep it goinggggg

Aiman Ariffin said...

Reez: oh come on man, U know i wud welcome u more than ever if u wanna join. Join ar, den we can go for the dancing classes. besttt