Sunday, July 5, 2009

Beyond layers of beauty


I admit, nothing is perfect in this big bad world of ours .... but I just can't hold myself from thinking how an unattractive person I am. Let's say when you're in a relationship, you would prolly want to look nice or pretty ALL the time when you're out with your lover so that they will keep their eyes on you right? besides, it's for other people to check you out as well right? as a bonuslah. But as for me, that doesn't really matter much tau, I mean, not as big as my problemla, the thing is, I'm never happy with myself. How I look like. How I dress like. How I appear like. There I said it. I know it sounds so stupid or annoying or maybe you guys will be saying things like "bersyukur boleh tak?" I know, I know, I know. I get it. But I just can't help myself!!

Let there be light upon me

Another confession to make, I edit most of my pictures or use the camera features thinggy to cover the unnecessary things that would make me look horrible. So most of the uploaded pictures in facebook or myspace or friendster are all editted. Then, when I see the pictures taken by my friends camera (uneddited), I'll try to untagged myself or delete those pictures cause I seriously can't watch myself looking soo .... sooo....ugly. I know, I'm the King of Denial and so I try to deny the pictures not taken by myself. Doesn't that mean anything to you? To me, it sounded like I'm denying myself. MY OWNSELF! Do you know how bad that is?

hiding from my own shadows

Besides that, How can guys differentiate themselves from other guys? practically, they wear shirt, t-shirt, pants, shorts. That's all. As for me, the only thing that makes a difference between any of us would be how nice it'll look and how rarely you see people wearing it. As not all people can afford to purchase pricey or overpriced goods, therefore I try to go for them. Which will cost me $$$ kaching! this is when I smell money goes out. Insane right?

Wake me up

I envy some people you know. They can wear anything. As in ANYTHING. from cheap to expensive, from ugly to classy. They will ALWAYS look good. They always get the credit. I'm not trying to say that I care how people look at me. Well,..... ok maybe a bitla but my problem is more towards me, myself & I accepting, embracing, my ownself. Don't judge me okay! Just expressing my problem.


f a f a said...

1. those men look good because they carry attitude and confidence up their sleeve.
i have realized that. i'm much more attracted to cocky boys who speaks my own language (eg. read current affairs, literature) rather than those good looking boys who talks about clubbing, clubbing, work, girls, work, clubbing. gaaah.

2. if people weren't so fussy about their looks, don't you think we all would be doing something else with our lives? like help the needy, seek for peace, etc.

3. i learned this week that people will just take glance at you and THATS IT. they dont fuss over whether your shirt's not ironed for the rest of the day. they just say it once, then forget about it.

4. the beauty of human nature is that its imperfect.

:) i miss youu laah. we meet after i'm done with exams okay?

Aiman Ariffin said...

i miss u toooooooo plsss lets meet up. I need those talk that we used to have

Aliph said...

oh. u talk bout me right
the guy who can wear anything
hey aiman... u look down to yourself which is fucking absurd
i can't understand u make this an issue
cos what is more like a deal is inner beauty
n u own that =]

Aiman Ariffin said...

perasan gila.
i know but believe it or not, it is an issue for me
awwww thats sweet of u aliph lolz.

kery said...

Agree with both fafa and aliph...
The most important one is the inner beauty...
And if u want people attracted by ur OUTER beauty or ur appearance, usually it will not 'berkekalan lama'..
I mean it..
I do believe aliph is again correct, u already have ur PERFECT inner beauty...

p/s:dude, do visit my another newly created blog...
Cheers..! =P

Aiman Ariffin said...

yeah i understand. I guess I need to start learning to accept and embrace my ownself.

a z r e e n a said...

hi aiman.

i think you do look good dear senior.
and i agree with all of them. one will only look good when he (in this case) or she is confident and comfortable being themselves. tak kira la how much is his shirt costing him. :)

how are you la? again, been ages.

Aiman Ariffin said...

hey dear jnr, thanx babe. MCM mana leh jumpa my blog?! hahaha

rilly? thanx babe, appreciate it. We soo shud hang out one day :)

a z r e e n a said...

actually baru terjumpa tadi. like i was browsing around fb. someone mention u ada blog. saw this. decided to say hello. :)

yeah sure yup yup.. we should hang out one day. one day lah kan. haha.