Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sahabat, Sejatiku

Sahabat, Sejatiku

Apparently, surprisingly, unexpectedly, most of my friends acknowledged my blog and they actually took the time to read this insignificant blog of mine. wahwahwah. I caught em when they blurted it out bila I met and talked to a few of my long lost friends and somehow,someway,sometime they managed to keep themselves updated with me........ through my blog. Surprise. Surprise Aiman. You better be more careful with what you say Aiman or trouble will come after you. lalala~

Some of them gave their comments on the blog, some say it's tooo philosophical, some say it's filled with emotions and expressions. Some say too much of my pictures gah! biarla! Then I say, IT"S MY FReAKKING BLOG! It's gonna be how I want it to be and it's suppose to sound like me. ME. me. because it's suppose to be about me! kan? PFFT!! Dahla tak drop by any comments or any calls when it comes to the emo2 posts. A big PFFFFT~~ for you. Not gonna name them. They should know themselves. hahaha nampak sangat they don't give a damn. ouch!!

Yesterday turned out to be not-so-bad-day after all. Had a hair cut, went to repair my car;Jessica needs her attention sometimes oh btw i named my car jessica, went gym, Fafa called :) ; I miss you Hun will meet you soon k, talked to Wei Jun; finally!! he decided to come out from his shell and ready to face his world by starting off with me :) thanx Wei Jun, Webcammed with Idris;after dissappearing to no where he decided to flew back out of the sudden haha, went window shopping with Kelly;a lil dissappointment there though cause I don't have anything to buy sighhh

Si Deris after so long menghilang~

Talking about shopping. I see SALE SALE SALE SALE everywhere!! but I don't see anything nice and necessary for me to buy. The thing is, it crawls deep within me. This THING actually haunts me then it tells me "depressing isn't it? ohhh how you hate OPPORTUNITY COST" HELL YEAH ITS DEPRESSING! I don't understand this world that I'm living in, bila aku ada duit "KACHING" sume barang yg nak takde, bila aku tarak duit "mONEy goes out", ada je baju lawa2 di display. BAHHHH~

Should I buy? should I? should I? Fathur said it's not worth spending Rm229 for a topman jeans. LOL! so true!!


I realized kan, now I know the reason why I hardly have time for myself. Now I know why I appreciate my time alone soooo much more than most people. And now I know why I don't bother looking for my other half. Why? I know why.

Always on the run!!

Cause I'm too busy taking care of my friends. Poyo right? but believe it or not, I make it as a huge big deal for me to actually be there for my friends when they needed someone to hold on to. I'll try my very best to be there for them through thick and thin. Happy and Sad. I may can only be listening and laying all the options that are available for them, but the most important task is to actually be there, present, exist, for them.

You'll be surprise how relieved it is when you're able to let out all your problems to some one else. Although it doesn't solve anything but it will lift a huge burden off the chest for the mean time so that you can catch up your breathe and keep up to the pace, finally deal with it.

Conclusion is, jadilah seorang sahabat yang berguna.


Oh it's not the end yet, later on I'm going gym and finally! after two dying weeks, Luciano is back in action! hell yeah! gonna hit the dance floor to da max yaww!

Hit it like you never hit it before!


Akhirnya, gymmin membuahkan hasil yg dah lama ditunggu :)

! YaY !

Ok, now you can stop scrolling down. THE END!


Daeng Fathurrahim Harun said...

i bagi good advise ke tak tu?

kerolizwan said...

tibe2 tajuk ko dalam malay lak




*nasyid song Teman Sejati started*


but anyway...what a thoughful opinions you go there. ;)

Aiman Ariffin said...

Fathur: lol very good. Dapat i simpan duit :)

Aiman Ariffin said...

Kerol: hahaha pelik sgt ke tajuk blog aku dlm BM?

Daeng Fathurrahim Harun said...

guess, maybe u can belanja me.. pahala besar k aiman

Aiman Ariffin said...

Fathur: tak dapat pahala if i tak buat dgn ikhlas. so lets just forget it LOL

azli said...

Salam singgah kat blog kami kami dah baca blog ko ni beb.. Yup sahabat sejati lama menghilang.. yup ade kalanya sahabat lama tak jumpa mmg kita rinduinya.. yup kawan kan .. sape lagi kalu kawan yang dicari..

Tomo said...

hahahha.. ure super funny la aimannn...

Aiman Ariffin said...

Tomo: haha ill take that as a compliment :D