Wednesday, September 2, 2009



I kinda mentioned a lil bit on Dipica's birthday in my earlier post if you notice. So this is some updates on that day. From Melaka, she suppose to meet her at Kelana Jaya LRT Station.

Dipica Nishrint

We kinda set the time to rendezvous at 6.00pm. As you and I already know from my past history "always late" incident, I promised myself that I'll try my best not to be late cause it's her bday and I want to make it as perfect as possible butttttttttttttt it didn't go off as how I would imagine. Ok, I'm exaggerating!! I MIGHT have pictured myself being late though :p in the whole planning. hahaha. She had to wait 30 minutes for me to fetch her. I totally forgotten about the traffic that I have to go through and 2 major huge schools located along the way. PFFT!! By the time I reached, she was already as grumpy as I expected.

Amir + Me ;)

Then we went straight to 1utama. Due to traffic congestion, I had to buy time for my friends to make their way to Delicious. So unintentionally, I spend money $$$ buying a flip flop, a vest and a shirt. PFFT!! I wanted to buy this nice Aldo shoe but paying Rm420 for just a plain black shoe? Naah, I don't think it's worth it.


After all that, I brought her to Delicious and then.... "SURPRISE!!" lol. The words that she could utter were "you liar! you liar!" hahaha. The surprised expression that she had, I have to say, priceless. Makan2. Camwhoring. Lepas habis doing all what other birthday celebration would have done, we continue lepak at La Bodega, Bangsar.


OMG! I had so much fun there. Main games like Taboo, and dis otha board game. I dah lupa. It was sooooo good. Party adjourned at 12am as I received a loud annoying siren(my mom) pffftt!! Anyways, it was a success!! and I'm so very happy!! Lastly!! THANX to those who helped me organizing the party!!

~ Happy Birthday Dippy ~

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