Monday, August 31, 2009

Apa Nak Jadi

Apa Nak Jadi

Aaaahhhhhhh..... don't get me wrong, I'm not shouting. It's a sound of contentment :) Fasting month been very good so far. I've been going to mosque for terawikh. I ada baca Al-Quran. I've been keeping track with my five daily prayers consistently. I hardly berbuka puasa with friends tho... oh correction. Belom pernah kot berbuka with friends so far. Why? It's a family policy kinda thing. They don't really fancy the idea of me berbuka without them. Aish.... oh well what to do. Despite all that, it doesn't stop me from having fun though :p Like karoeke from 3pm-6pm. LOL. I know right? gila ke apa karoeke time bulan puasa.

Ada accident jadi, Pari tak jumpa jln ke laut Lol~ "peace babe :)"

Oh and sometimes when I berbuka outside with my family, Syahida and Edah would come over to my crib then we'll start jammin la kononnye haha. Mula2 bising2 outside at the fountain area, den masuk Guest Room sebab byk sgt nyamuk. LOL We only guna Guitar, Laptop and Singers LOL. I can't play any musical instrument for shit. My only instrument is my voice :D hahahah perasan gilak. Apa nak jadi nieeeeeeeeee

The Dugong, The Pari & The Masin

Anyways, at first we use the chords from the web to play the songs. It's kinda hardla cause they gotta play at the same time sing. Kinda weird though cause girls usually multi-task better than guys right? haha anyhow~ last2 we decided to use youtube to karoeke. hahaha. Melalak sepanjang malam and thats how we celebrated Merdeka also I can;t think any better idea to celebrate it hahaha.

Ada gaya Romeo tak? Lol

I'm happy. Really. 2moro's Dipicas Bday Surprise Party. It'll be at Delicious, 1utama, theme:white or red. Did I ever tell you? I hate being a planner. It's soooooo troublesome. Invitation, Planning, Lying, Begging, Reserving. Penat oh! we'll see how it'll turn out esok. Keep our fingers crossed!

Anyways ktk mao tido! Adios Amigos!


kerolizwan said...

malam merdeka aku tido je kot

kery said...

at last ade jgak post yg tak emo..hahahaha
anyway, lucky u got bukak posa with family,at least mkn sedap..i hv to cook my own..miss my mom's food..sob sob sob...

Tomo said...

bulan puasa pun melalak gi karaoke gak kerw!! hahahah.. well,, i did d same too!! hahaha

Daeng Fathurrahim Harun said...

aiman, kitak jelous sama kamek.
bila maun melalak sama kitak? udah lama kitak sik gi karaoke lol.

ahahaha although im dumb in bm , guess i aint all stupid right?

Aiman Ariffin said...

Kerol: lol, apa ni. sungguh tak patriotic lolz

Aiman Ariffin said...

Kery: awwww... well thats studying abroad punya life. Ill go thru that next year i guess. INSYALLAH

Aiman Ariffin said...

Tomo: hahaha karoeke jgn ditinggal lolz. when we gonna go karoeke tomo?

Aiman Ariffin said...

Fathur: lol dont say that to urselflah! ur smart :) lolz ntah u. u ckp nak plan. i tunggu sampai berjanggut kowt lolz

Daeng Fathurrahim Harun said...

u said malu lah
ni lah

jom lah
dah la melalak didnt invite me xD

JuicyED said...

AIMAN!! KEJAM KEJAM.......... my butt is super huge n ...pari is suppose to be flat out..kan? so takle la pari, :P

patut ah nk sgt i read!!!
hahaha... i loike anyway,bila mau buat betul2 u guys are performing for me during my bday. i dun care

Aiman Ariffin said...

Fathur: lol, biarla. malula

Aiman Ariffin said...

Edah: hahahahaha tau takpe. ah takde makne. ur still the pari and are u totally insane?! im not gonna perform infront of LOAADS of ppl!