Thursday, December 10, 2009



I used to say goodbyes so many times to my friends who studies abroad.

"I wish I can follow study abroad too"

The thought of being away from home was like a golden ticket to my freedom. Imagine that, I can keep my hair long. I can sit outside in the middle of the road at 3 in the morning shirtless with nothing to worry about. No one would call and nag me to come back home. I can sleep over at friends place. How cool is that? It's exactly how I want my life to be.


Not now. Not anymore. Today, I feel that it's taking happiness away from me. Whenever someone talks to me about it, I'll snap at them or I'll change the topic. Yes, I am living in denial. Say what you want. I don't care. Lifes too gooddd now.

What I WANT. What I NEED. It's all here. You said that life is all about making decisions, but how am I suppose to make one when I'm not even given the chance to choose? Even IF I can, I wouldnt be able to pick to stay won't I?


It's all about what you want and think best for me isn't it? How typical. What am I going to do with MY WANTS? What about the things that I can passionately get myself into them?

Life is like a blank page. You can add colours they way how you want it to be because it belongs to you. At the moment, it's bullshit.


t a u f i k said...

this entry is twisted. I love it because it gives me a different point of view about whether or not u should go overseas. All this while I agree with those typical comments that u mentioned. But now i see that if everything we need is right next to us, why abandon them? Your entry is one of the answers.

nice point of view aiman. :D

a z r e e n a said...

tukar tempat boleh aiman?
i kinda need to get away from here.
and you wanna stay.
so let's swap?

see, i want that freedom. i need to break away from the life i have here. but it true if all is good here for you, if i were would wanna stay too.

thing is, in Malaysia. there's no such thing as the freedom to make your own choices. somehow our culture dictates that we oughta take what others say or feel about the matter above our own needs cuz that's the 'right' way to do things or something.

take care aiman.

Aiman Ariffin said...

Taufik: thanx bro. gd to know u understand me :)

Aiman Ariffin said...

Azreena: yeah i see your point. thanx hun appreciate it a lot :)

Tomo said...

aiman r u ok dearie? missed u la fella.. hwvr, smile n buck up k!

Aiman Ariffin said...

Tomo: just feel a lil down cause leaving malaysia. Yeah man, bila nak lepak + karoeke??

Anonymous said...

Come on. Let's just conceal what you really 'wants'. And see whether they're achievable.

Aiman Ariffin said...

Ibrahim: u wudnt know unless u try.