Saturday, September 18, 2010

Other side of the Story

Other side of the Story

Float to wherever it'll take me

Just like how the 4 seasons change, so am I. For the past few days, I've been battling with my own self. Constant arguments about the right and the wrong. I remember reading a friends status "

never think for a second you'll be living with one side to a story, because sooner or later you'll befriend the other side.

I don't know what she meant by that but as for me, maybe somehow there are other logic behind those paths that I considered to be bad. In my life, I always stick to my belief. I set my own principles and oh yes, I admit, sometimes I do get carried away with it.

I always know that Not everybody will like what they have to hear from me (infact you yourself probably would shake ur head disagreeing with me) and there is no other explanation to it except for life. Preach. A word that I never thought it could be use to describe me. I find it very taken-aback. So I shall silent myself unless someone seek for it. I learn that sometimes it is wiser to remain silent rather than speaking out your mind. If you're like me. Unable to control anger nor temper, try to stay away from those people who finds your principles as "kecoh" or "sarcasm" It'll bring you no good.

Anger leads to hate and hate leads to suffering

I think the suffering phase of me is about to end but I'm just not there yet. A little bit more I guess.

Temptation to the other side of the story is so great right now. "Loosen up" that's what he is telling me to do. Should I free myself and embrace what I believe to be wrong as good, or should I stay strong to my principles?

or will someone pull me back to my one side story?

Let's just wait and see.


f a f a said...

eh the quote looks familiar HUH! hahah.

Aiman Ariffin said...

HAHA its urs fa ;)